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Looking Like You With Fewer Lines

Allergan, the Pharmaceutical company behind Botox®, has released a new advert. It has focussed its attention to patients between the ages of 22-37- the so called “Young Millennials”. Its tag line reads, “looking like you with fewer lines”. At The Treatment Rooms London we wanted to explain what this tag line might mean!

What is Botox®?

Botulinum toxin has been used safely in chemical forms to prevent and treat skin wrinkles. It comes in different formulations and Allergan’s version is called Botox®. More people undergo Botox® treatment than any other cosmetic treatment out there and its popularity is rising.

In particular, there has been a 22% increase in those between 22-37 years of age in the last 5 years (figures by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery). This trend has been mainly down to patients looking to treat before they start to develop the signs of ageing (skin wrinkles, sagging skin).

Despite the increasing number of millennials undergoing Botox® treatment, the average age of a patient having Botox® treatment is 46 years old.

As mentioned before, Botox® is primarily used to:

  1. Treat any existing static or dynamic (still or moving) skin wrinkles/lines
  2. Prevent any skin wrinkles

At 46 you may have already developed skin wrinkles. In these patients Botox® treatment will help in treating these lines, softening their appearance. However, by starting Botox® treatment earlier, before the appearance of these lines can be doubly beneficial. You will be able to prevent these lines from appearing in the first place. This will mean any wrinkles that appear when you age won’t be as deep and noticeable. As the old saying goes, prevention is the best cure!

What are patient’s main concerns about having Botox®?

At The Treatment Rooms London, we find that many patients worry about looking unnatural following Botox® treatment. This is a concern for those who have been having treatment for years as well as those who are just starting out. Allergan have also picked up this concern and have included an answer in their campaign.

“Look like you..” are 3 carefully chosen words. They help put at ease any concerns that you will look radically different after Botox® injections. However, ultimately the only way a patient is going to look natural after having treatment is by choosing the correct Medical professional.

Careful assessment and planning of Botox® treatment is the only way patients will be able to achieve natural results. This is best carried out in a dedicated Aesthetics clinic with experienced Doctors and Surgeons. At The Treatment Rooms London all our patients are welcomed into our purpose-built clinic by a Doctor or a Surgeon. This ensures they are in safe hands when it comes to their treatment. At our clinic we treat to achieve natural results that compliment the uniqueness of every patient.

So as a millennial or a middle aged patient, you can be rest assured you can Look Like You With Fewer Lines.

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