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Ana’s Testimonial- Non-Surgical Nose Job Everything You Need To Know

Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger AnaSofiaChic visited The Treatment Rooms for her Nose Job- She Reveals All in Her Latest Blog!

Ana is an expert in giving a huge audience of followers tips on beauty, fashion and makeup but she turned to the Doctors at The Treatment Rooms for advice on what they could do to subtly reshape her nose.

Read her full blog here.

Her Experiences Pre- Procedure

Each and every time I was met with a very professional yet personable service. Dr. Vara was absolutely fantastic with his detailed and timely responses, and having that line of communication really helped ease my concerns and put any worries at rest.

Her Experiences During Procedure

The procedure itself was really quick and took no longer than 10 – 15 minutes tops. Dr. Hany was meticulous in every way from the nose evaluation, down to explaining the procedure beforehand and keeping me reassured throughout the whole duration of the procedure.

Her Reaction

…I couldn’t believe my eyes! “Has my nose, shrunken?!” Dr. Hany explained that he had straightened out the bump and reduced it down by 85% for a straighter profile, and by lifting the tip of the nose, this also gave the illusion of a smaller nose.

If you wanted to find out more about undergoing a Non-Surgical Nose Job, contact The Treatment Rooms today and book yourself in for a free consultation. Contact Us Here.

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