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You snooze, you lose! When should you start your fight against male pattern baldness?

This blog explores hair loss, male pattern baldness and some simple considerations to keep your hair healthy.

We’ve all sat on a busy London tube or black cab looking at a glossy poster offering dramatic hair loss solutions or the latest in hair transplant surgery. Despite being presented with so many treatments for male pattern baldness it’s hard to know just how much hair loss is affecting you, and more importantly, when you should consider acting on it?

What is Hair Loss and what is Male Pattern Baldness?

Hair loss (also known as alopecia) simply means losing hair where it previously grew. In male pattern baldness, this happens in a certain distribution affecting mainly the temples and the crown but not the back and sides of your head (as depicted by the Norwood Scale). It’s caused by testosterone having a damaging effect on genetically exposed hair roots on your scalp. It can start in the teens and affect as much as 50% of men by the age of 50.

What is the difference between normal hair loss and advancing male pattern baldness?

Your hair roots go through cycles, part of which includes shedding of the hair itself. As part of the normal hair loss cycle, 50 to 100 hairs will fall out each day and eventually a new hair will regrow from those roots. Where hair roots are susceptible to testosterone it results in:

  • A significantly larger number of hairs being shed
  • A reduction in the speed of hair regrowth
  • Hairs that do grow- appear thin, discoloured and fragile

Do I need an FUE Hair Transplant for my hair loss?

The honest answer is – you don’t. Some people place great emphasis on hair as part of their appearance. Others simply don’t care. Hair loss is nothing new, but with a wide array of treatments out there, gone are the days where it is something you are forced to accept. If you are someone who values your hair, then think about making a long-term investment into preserving it. You should start from an early stage to use simple techniques and treatments to protect your hair.

What can I do to protect against hair loss?

Don’t forget that your hair is a living organ. It requires a good blood supply, oxygen, nutrients and vitamins for vitality. A healthy diet is therefore very important, you can even supplement your diet with B-vitamins, biotin, zinc and selenium which have been shown to improve hair growth. Simple caffeine shampoos have a potential benefit in stimulating hair follicles thus increasing their vitality. However, this should be used intermittently throughout the week as overuse may result in over stimulation of the scalp.

Avoid active damage to your hair:

  • Protect it from sun damage using a hat
  • Try not to use heavy products on your hair which are potentially toxic
  • Avoid excessive heat from hair dryers and straighteners

Lifestyle factors also play an important role in hair loss with smoking and stress being well known contributors to the balding process.

For more information on male hair loss click here

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