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Face & Body Thread Lifts

Thread lifts are a treatment used to lift sagging, aged skin in your face or body and their use has been perfected by award winning Doctors at The Treatment Rooms London. This page will show you what can be achieved by our techniques.

Face thread lift london

The treatment uses small absorbable threads carefully placed under the skin using a small needle sized entry point. These can then be tightened to pull up sagging skin and create a natural looking lift. There is an immediate effect resulting in a more youthful appearance.  However, as the threads dissolve, this process stimulates collagen production which maintains and improves the lift even more!

The following areas can be treated:

Face (Price from £800)

Jawline and Jowls

Body (Price from £1200)


Before and After Face Thread Lift- Patient Results

Face Thread Lift 1

This patient had her jowl lift performed at The Treatment Rooms London - it created a more defined jawline.

Face Thread Lift 2

The lady below had her jowl lift and chin treated with dermal filler injections to rejuvenate her jawline and lower face.

Face thread lift london

Face Thread Lift 3

The lady below wanted her jawline contoured and lifted so we performed a thread lift to provide her this result. She is very pleased!

Jowl Thread Lift

Face Thread Lift 4

The result below has been achieved with a jowl and jawline PDO thread lift. This result should last the patient 18-24months. As you can see from her jawline in the picture is well defined in comparison to before.

Jowl Thread Lift London

Face Thread Lift 5

Another jawline thread lift completed in our London clinic. This patient is thoroughly happy and is enjoying her results 12 months following treatment!

Jowl PDO thread lift london

Thread Lift Procedure Video

Before and After Body Thread Lift- Patient Results

Body Thread Lift 1

This patient had her skin and fat in the buttock crease lifted using PDO threads in our London clinic. Her result should last 18 months.

Body thread lift buttock

Body Thread Lift 2

This patient wanted her skin creases and cellulite lifted around her thigh region. Her result after we inserted PDO threads in our London clinic is incredible. The result should last 18 months.

Body thread lift thigh

Body Thread Lift 3

This patient wanted a tighter lifted buttock, we have shown one treated side vs the untreated side. Of course- we treated both sides in the end!

Buttock thread lift london

Body Thread Lift 4

Stomach PDO thread lift immediately after treatment. We have managed to tighten the skin around her stomach, an appearance that will improve over the course of the next few weeks. Her tightened stomach will last 12- 18 months at the minimum.

Stomach thread lift london


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