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Female Hair Transplantation

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Female Hair Transplant

At The Treatment Rooms London we are proud to offer female hair transplants to women suffering from hair loss.
There are subtle differences between male and female hair transplants and this page will take you through them. One of our patients has kindly consented to sharing her hair transplant journey and we hope they help to inform you too.

Preparing the Female Donor Area

In a female hair transplant, we can conceal the donor hair area. Unlike in males where we often have to shave the back of the head, in females we can extract hairs from small shaved areas. This means you can conceal your surgery easily by combing your hair down afterwards. The following series of photos shows you this perfectly.

Female hair transplant hair cutting

Combing the hair up to expose the donor area

Female Hair Transplant anaesthetic

Numbing the female donor area using local anaesthetic.

Extracting Donor Hair

Using a small punch we then extract hair from the back. These hairs will be then be used to create a new hairline or fill in any areas of balding.

Female Hair Transplant Donor Zone

The donor area after extracting hairs

Unshaven female hair transplant

Combing the hair down means no-one can notice you have donor hair taken from the back in a hair transplant

Designing the Female Hairline

After you have had a break and something to eat we then begin the second half of the procedure. Together with you, we will then design your hairline. We take into account how you want to style your hair in the future and where you want your parting to be.

Female hair transplant hairline

Implanting New Hairs

After you are happy with the designed hairline we then move onto the implantation phase. By controlling the direction and angle we implant the hairs we help to shape your hair transplant for the future.

We implant the hairs whilst you sit back and relax. We have plenty of entertainment for you to enjoy including music, TV, podcasts and more!

Female hair transplant graft implantation

After Your Hair Transplant

After the hair transplant we then go through your aftercare and recovery. You will receive detailed information on what to expect over the next few days. At The Treatment Rooms London we always keep our lines of communication open- so if you had any questions or any worries there is no problem in asking!

As featured in the The Wandsworth Times and Time and Leisure.

Meet Your Surgeon

Live In The Operating Room

If you are interested in a female hair transplant and would like to find out more, click here to see our locations and contact us today to book your free consultation. Or simply start a WhatsApp conversation by clicking the Whatsapp Icon.

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