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A Patients View Of Their Hair Transplant Process

Here is one of our patients and their FUE Hair Transplant Journey of 2500 grafts.

We take you through his entire experience at The Treatment Rooms London with photos, blogs and more!

Further information about hair transplants can be found by clicking:

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In The Morning

An early start at The Treatment Rooms sees you welcomed by the team and Dr Fernando, the lead Hair Transplant Surgeon who will take you through the procedure and consent forms in detail.

After consenting for the procedure, we then start to prepare you for the Hair Transplant by preparing the extraction and implantation zones.

YouTube video
YouTube video

Setting A Personal Surgical Room For You

As you will be in the surgical room for a while we make sure you have music, TV entertainment and aromatherapy to your taste before you enter so you can immediately feel relaxed.

Numbing Your Scalp and Follicle Extraction

We then give you tablets to make you feel comfortable and numb the back of your head with local numbing injections.

fue hair transplant clinic london

Once you feel comfortable we then begin to extract your follicles for implantation. Careful extraction of your hair follicles is key to a successful hair transplant.

fue hair transplant extraction

We plan our extraction of hair follicles so you are left with no visible FUE scarring or bald patches (see recovery pictures below).

hair grafts in FUE hair transplant surgery

Your hair follicles are looked after in cooled petri dishes to preserve their vitality. We separating them into bundles to ensure we plan and create the density and hair style you want. Following this we prepare your personalised lunch.


At The Treatment Rooms we pride ourselves in providing excellence in care and service. We cater to your dietary requirements no matter what they are (e.g. ketotic diet, vegan, pescatarian, Halal, etc.)

best Hair transplant service


Once you have rested, we switch on the TV and begin to prep you for your implantation phase, starting your hair growth journey. First, we draw your desired hairline or area in which you want your hair to be implanted. This decision process is crucial as we want you to be happy with your eventual hairstyle.

We then numb the scalp area you want transplanted hairs to go into. After which we begin to implant your hair follicles. They are placed to match natural hair direction and density, so your eventual hair growth is personalised to you.

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Finishing the Transplant

Once we have finished the implantation of your hairs, we prepare you for your aftercare. This involves:

  • Bandaging the extraction zone for your journey home and night’s sleep
  • Providing you a cap to protect your hairs for the next few days
  • Giving you an “aftercare doggy bag”, with all medications and materials you require to take care of your precious hairs that have been implanted. This package is personalised for every individual, taking into account their requirements for home aftercare. Detailed instructions are provided on paper in case you forget what we go through at the clinic.

Follow this patient’s aftercare and recovery journey here.

A Simple Process That Will Put Your Fears to Rest

We take every effort to ensure you to feel as comfortable as possible during the entire process. Our philosophy is to give each patient a personalised care experience.

hair transplant information

1. A Consultation with our Surgeons

We'll explain the full process and perform a digital microscope assessment of your hair. No hard sells whatsoever.

hair transplant surgery clinic

2. One Day

Surgery is often performed in 1 day and you are able to go home after the procedure.

hair transplant advice

3. Regular
Follow Up

We're always available even after the consultation and operation for any further questions you may have as your new hair grows.

FUE hair transplant surgery at The Treatment Rooms London

The Treatment Rooms London is a CQC registered clinic based on the prestigious Harley Street as well as Putney. Our surgeons perform every single hair transplant making sure your transplanted hair is given the greatest opportunity to grow. This professional service is why patients across the world have trusted us with the long-term care of their hair.

At consultation our surgeons will examine your hair with a microscope and create a hair transplant plan to cater for your needs.

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