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Is A Hair Transplant Permanent?

Will a hair transplant last forever? A hair transplant can be permanent- lasting a long time >20 years and in most cases for life. Hair transplantation relocates lifelong hairs not subject to the hair loss process from the back and sides of your head to areas you are balding in. These lifelong hairs keep their longevity when they are transplanted to a new area in the scalp- this is why a FUE hair transplant can be a permanent solution to balding.

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery Diagram

Why does a hair transplant last so long?

As you may know already, in most people the hair at the back and sides tends to stay there forever.

If you look at a balding man or woman, you will notice they have hair at the back and sides- even when they are old. This is because the processes that cause hair loss don’t affect these areas, (1). Whereas the hair on the top and in the crown are sensitive to hair loss, especially in diagnoses like male or female pattern hair loss (androgenic alopecia).

As a result, the hairs on the side and back tend to stay on your head throughout your life. When we take out and transplant these hairs from those areas to an area you are balding in, they keep their resistance. This means, they stay in the new area for a long time- making a hair transplant potentially permanent.

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Because the change following a hair transplant can be permanent, you need to be sure you will be happy with your result. This means taking into account a few considerations before undergoing a procedure. These include:

  1. Hair Transplantation with or without Finasteride & Minoxidil
  2. Will you need a second hair transplant?
  3. What hairstyle do you want after a hair transplant?

Hair Transplantation with or without Finasteride & Minoxidil

A hair transplant is a procedure that restores and replenishes hair in areas you have lost it. However, you may still have hair on your head that you can preserve and stop from falling out.

Using medications like Finasteride and Minoxidil which have been proven in preventing hair loss and stimulating growth, you can help to keep your existing hair. This means that your hair transplant can be performed knowing that you are unlikely to bald or recede further. This gives you further reassurance that the result of your hair transplant, whilst it is long lasting, will not look out of place if you continue to bald and thin down the line.

However, if you didn’t take medications to prevent any more hair loss, you might require a second hair transplant. This separates hair transplants into those performed with or without Finasteride/ Minoxidil. In both cases, the long lasting result means two very different outcomes.

  1. If you take medications that prevent further hair loss, you can expect your hair transplant result to suit you for a long time.
  2. If you don’t take medications that prevent further hair loss, you might have a long lasting hair transplant that won’t suit you down the line as you continue to lose hair. In these circumstances you may need another hair transplant. 

Front and Temporal Hairline Hair Transplant

Will you need a second hair transplant?

Your hair transplant may start to look out of place if you recede behind your implanted hairs. This might mean you opt to have a second or a third hair transplant if you are not taking medications to prevent further hair loss.

Because an FUE hair transplant can last for a lifetime, you need to be aware that if you continue to bald behind your transplant your hair transplant will look odd in years to come. This is why it is important to consider starting and continuing hair loss preventative medication.

If you decide not to take any medication and only opt for a hair transplant it might be best to wait until your hair loss stabilises at the age of 30 before having the procedure (2). This is important because you can plan what you will need from a hair transplant and have an idea how much more hair you are likely to lose. It also prevents you undergoing another hair transplant and spending more money.

In some patients a hair transplant lasts a long time but they continue to thin in certain areas of the scalp. This may mean that a second or a third hair transplant is required to top up certain areas in order to maintain a result. This can only be carried out a certain number of times before the donor area becomes thin. It is therefore best for patients to consider preventing further hair loss rather than relying on undergoing multiple hair transplant surgeries.

What hairstyle do you want after a hair transplant?

Following on from our previous section, this topic is also important. If you decide to have a hair transplant, no matter what age you are, your desired hairline is incredibly important when considering what you want to gain from surgery.

Your hairstyle if you take hair loss medications

If you are stable on hair loss medications then you can know you won’t recede or bald much further so you can likely plan for a hairline and hair style you desire most. But please bear in mind, your hairline should take into account what hairstyle you want when you are older. Choosing a mature hairline is important as your transplant will last a long time. Don’t go for a hairline you had when you were 17 years old- it won’t suit you when you are 60!

Your hairstyle if you do not take hair loss medications

If you decide not to have hair loss medications then you should wait until your hair loss stabilises before having a hair transplant. You should also consider your family history of hair loss. If you have many members of your family who bald completely, there is a high chance you might also bald the same way. For this reason, it might be useful if you wait until this happens before having a hair transplant.

If you still wanted to have a hair transplant then the hairstyle and hairline you opt for in your hair transplant will need to take into account future hair loss and recession. So going for a mature hairline and hairstyle might suit you better. This means a hairline that is a higher up than your ideal hairline. This is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • It will give you a hairline you can style in your own way
  • The procedure saves more grafts for future hair transplants needed when you bald further
  • Your hairline will suit you for your whole life as it will never look too low down
  • A higher hairline will give you denser results as your transplanted hair is not spread over a larger area

-For more information on a hairline hair transplants click here-

What happens when you have a bad hair transplant?

If you have had a bad hair transplant– or one you are not happy with, you may look to fix the result. Knowing the result is long lasting, correcting any problem can be a pressing concern.

You have a few choices available to you:

  • You can correct poor hairline design by undergoing another transplant
  • If you have a hairline that is too low down you can have laser hair removal and another hair transplant to make your hairline more natural
  • If your result is not dense enough you may decide to have another hair transplant to thicken your result. But you must be aware that this further uses up your donor hair leaving less for another transplant if you needed it

Interested in discussing a hair transplant?

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Authored by

Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr Roshan Vara

Dr Roshan Vara

Full Medical Member of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery

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Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr Dilan Fernando

Dr Dilan Fernando

Royal College of Surgeons

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