Katie Price’s Face Thread Lift

kate price beautiful

Katie Price’s face thread lift has been a hot topic recently. Having already used Botox® and Dermal Fillers to help rejuvenate her face, she was looking for a better result and she chose to have thread lift treatment. At The Treatment Rooms in London we have already written about what you should be considering when looking to have a thread lift. And in this blog we wanted to expand on the potential treatments that can be provided when you look to rejuvenate your face. We also reflect on how Katie Price has responded to treatments so far.

If you are looking for facial rejuvenation or a face lift, The Treatment Rooms’ Doctors are able to guide you through the different ways of achieving this. Together with simple skin care regimens all the way up to non-invasive methods of achieving a refreshed look we will make sure you are fully informed on all treatments available to you.

At The Treatment Rooms, our Aesthetic Doctors are able to achieve rejuvenation using Botox®, Dermal Fillers or Thread lifts. They can be used in isolation or in combination.

What is the difference between Botox®, Dermal Fillers and Thread Lifts?

Using Botox® we can perform a mini upper face and neck lift. Using dermal fillers strategically placed in the face we can achieve a subtle, natural face lift. With PDO threads we are able to pull up skin and fat tissue to treat areas of sagging. Together they can make a powerful trio of treatments!

Each treatment can have amazing results but they need to be chosen carefully to suit your needs. Botox® and Dermal fillers can only give you a certain amount of a lift which lasts 6- 12 months. If your face has aged significantly, perhaps these treatments won’t quite meet your expectations. On the other hand, for those looking for a subtle lift, they work very well!

So when should you consider a thread lift?

before and after jowl lift using pdo threads
Jawline contouring using PDO threads

A thread lift is great at pulling up sagging skin and fat. If your jawline has lost its shape and contour from a sagging jowl then a thread lift can help redefine your jaw. Other areas of the face that can be lifted include your eyebrows and cheeks.

Katie Price’s face thread lift aimed to create a similar lift. Using a rule of thumb, a PDO thread lift is able to achieve around 1cm lift in skin and tissue. If you wanted less then your Doctor can tailor your treatment. If you wanted more lift, PDO threads in combination with dermal filler can work well. Should you decide you wanted a drastic face lift then a surgical face lift may be the option for you. However be warned, the downtime can be long with a surgical face lift.

When should you not consider a thread lift?

You should always talk with your Doctor or thread lift specialist prior to having the treatment. If you haven’t had your questions answered then think twice about proceeding with a thread lift. Our Doctors at The Treatment Rooms make sure they go through all your questions thoroughly before planning treatment. Taking time out to think about the procedure is also important as it gives you space to reflect on whether a thread lift is in your best interests. Katie Price has, by her admission, had a number of cosmetic surgeries and continues to strive for more. At The Treatment Rooms, we are hoping she fully considers the available treatments on offer to her and weighs up the pros and cons of each with her Doctors.

Our advice

If you wanted accurate advice on what can be achieved with a face lift and whether it is the right procedure for you- book in to see a Doctor. Our Medical Aesthetic Doctors at The Treatment Rooms London are happy to see and assess your concerns. Click here to contact us today!






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Dermal Fillers in Putney and Harley Street

Dermal filler treatments

Since its opening, The Treatment Rooms London has been providing Dermal Fillers in Putney and Harley Street giving patients the latest in facial harmonisation and rejuvenation. An increasing number of patients are asking about fillers, so we wanted to write a blog about what Dermal Fillers are and how they can be used by our Doctors to roll back the years of ageing.

What are dermal fillers?

A dermal filler is a treatment that uses hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring ingredient in the skin) to restore volume & shape to certain areas of the face. However, our Surgeons use careful knowledge of a patient’s facial anatomy to avoid danger zones for when injecting dermal filler. Together with advanced techniques our Doctors take every step to make sure the treatment is as safe as possible.

What does dermal mean?

Your skin is made up of 3 main layers. The second layer is called the dermis. This contains collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid- the three main ingredients to give you plump, hydrated and healthy skin.

skin layers dermal filler

In young skin, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid create a supporting structure for healthy young skin as shown in the diagram above. As you age age, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid all break down. As the underlying structure is lost, your skin surface starts to sag whilst also becoming dry and wrinkly.

This process can be reversed by replenishing the dermis with hyaluronic acid in the form of filler, hence the name “dermal filler”. The filler over time also stimulates fibroblasts to produce elastin and collagen. These are both integral to youthful skin- so the beneficial effects actually last longer than you think!

Are dermal fillers permanent?

As hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in your skin, your body breaks down the dermal filler over time. This means you won’t have permanent results-  making it a safer treatment. If you wanted the filler to be gone sooner we can even dissolve the filler, so you won’t be stuck with an outcome you are not happy with.

Some permanent dermal fillers do exist, but these are used far less now given the risk of complications and the potential of being left with a result you are not happy with!

What is the latest in dermal fillers?

As a leading clinic, The Treatment Rooms London always looks to deliver the very latest in injectable treatments. Thee way we use dermal fillers has changed.

In youth, similar to the diagram above, we have bones and deep fat pads which give our skin a strong structure. As you age, some of these bones change shape and the deep fat pads dissolve away (2). This makes the skin overlying the bone and fat start to sag. The new philosophy of advanced facial rejuvenation, is to replace these structures using a volumising dermal filler injected below the dermal layer. Using good quality dermal fillers allows you to create a profound lifting effect from the top of the face. This also reduces facial wrinkles downstream in the lower part of the face.

lady midcheek dermal filler before and after picture
Dermal Fillers to the mid-cheek to lift and rejuvenate this lady’s appearance

In the dermal filler before and after photo above, the lady had lost volume in her cheeks due to the ageing process effecting her cheek bones and deep fat pads. Her main worry was looking tired even though she was well rested. By using dermal filler we have helped to restructure the cheek bone and replace volume in her cheek fat pad. As you will see, this has helped to give her more shape and colour in her cheeks as well as reduce the appearance of her nose-mouth lines. In general, she looks less tired, fresher and more rejuvenated.

Am I suitable for dermal fillers?

There are some reasons why you should not have dermal fillers for example if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Importantly you should explore all your concerns and what you would like to achieve by having dermal fillers with your Doctor. This is the only way of finding out if you are suitable for dermal filler treatment.

If you haven’t read our previous blog around Botox® and dermal fillers being provided in Superdrug  please consider 4 points before undergoing the procedure.

  1. Understand what Botox® and Dermal Fillers are
  2. Find out who is going to perform the procedure
  3. Plan your treatment goals with your practitioner
  4. Take time out to think about the treatment before saying “yes!”

You can read more about these considerations by clicking here.

At The Treatment Rooms London our Doctors would welcome you to come and have a consultation around the ageing process. That way you can prepare for the future by taking steps to address any concerns now.

If you would like to find out more, book a free consultation with one of our Aesthetic Doctors  or simply start a WhatsApp conversation by clicking the Whatsapp Icon.


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Face Thread Lift: What You Need To Know

pdo thread lift infographic

At The Treatment Rooms London we have seen a clear increase in the popularity of having a face lift with PDO threads. As London’s premier clinic for thread lifts, we wanted to share why we think face thread lifts have become such an important treatment option in tackling the signs of ageing.

Why are PDO Thread Lifts so popular?

PDO threads are very similar in material to stitches, they can be placed under the skin using a small entry point to create an immediate face lift, but, the brilliance of the treatment is what happens next. As our body works to naturally break down the threads, it lays strong pillars of collagen in its place. Therefore, over the next six to eight weeks the threads are gone, leaving behind your body’s own collagen precisely located to create an increasingly popular long lasting and natural lifting effect.

“Will I look fake after a PDO Thread Lift?”

Our patients often tell us their friends and family have noticed that they “look brighter” or “well” but are not quite able to pin the reason as to why. From a Doctor’s point of view (and often the patient too) this is the perfect feedback! Thread face lifts are designed to be discrete, lifting sagging skin in the face, to create a natural, refreshed and rejuvenated look. Best of all, this is achieved without the need to add volume to the face.

“What if I want a more drastic face lift?”

It is important to remember that PDO Thread Lifts are a non-surgical option to having a face lift. If you wanted a more drastic result, a surgical face lift may be an option. However, undergoing surgical face lift is daunting. It is a costly procedure with many weeks of downtime and no guarantee that the end result will be satisfactory. Many of our patients consider thread face lift as the last resort prior to pursuing a surgical procedure and are often very pleased. Not to mention a post-procedure downtime kept at a minimum (approximately 1-2 days, maximum 5 days).

“They sound amazing but what is the catch?”

As with all medical procedures you must make sure you have had all your questions answered around complications and side effects prior to undergoing the procedure. At The Treatment Rooms London we make sure all our patients are clued up with their surgeon on the following points:

  1. A thread lift can only be expected to lift a certain amount of skin and tissue
  2. The result should last 2 years and beyond but may need repeat treatment in 18 months time
  3. Complications are rare and side effects can be managed but each should be discussed in detail alongside their management before undergoing the procedure
  4. Follow up is important- no surgeon can guarantee results so scheduling a routine review is paramount. This ensures a top up is performed if required.

At The Treatment Rooms We Love Performing Face Lifts

A face thread lift is one of the most popular treatments at The Treatment Rooms. It can be performed in 45-60 minutes. It is a simple, minimally invasive procedure and you can go back to work or your planned commitments the same day- hence why it is called the “lunchtime lift” or a “weekend lift”.

face thread lift london
Non-surgical face lift using PDO threads. 45 minute procedure with minimal downtime.

The patient in the picture above had 3 main areas treated.

  • Upper face lift (temples to nasolabial folds)
  • Mid face lift (just below the ears to mouth corners)
  • Jowl lift (along jawline to chin)

As part of the ageing process our bone structure and fat pads dissolve away, resulting in loss of volume and sagging skin. In this case we used deep dermal fillers on the side of the face to recreate some of that lost bone and fat, pairing it beautifully with thread lifts to lift the skin and flatten deep wrinkles, leaving our patient looking and feeling more youthful and rejuvenated.

To see more before and after photos of our face thread lifts click here.

To see more of our cases of face and body thread lifts click here.

If you would like to book in for a free consultation with our thread lift doctors contact us today.


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The Treatment Rooms Harley Street London

harley street thread lift surgeons

The success and interest in Hair Transplants, PDO Thread Lifts and advanced aesthetic treatments in South London has meant Co-Founders Dr Roshan Vara and Dr Dilan Fernando open a second location in the prestigious 10 Harley Street.

Interviewed by Time and Leisure Magazine, both Doctors explain their treatments and the value that patients find in the personalised service received when visiting the clinic.

Across the year, Time and Leisure have reported on the main services The Treatment Rooms provide clients across London with patient cases and their results. Dr Vara explains,

“Our patients value the care and service they are given at The Treatment Rooms. From the moment they walk into our clinic we aim to make them feel comforted and relaxed. The clinic’s ethos of personalised cosmetic care is proving popular and our patients are coming from further afield. Opening a location at 10 Harley Street gives them the commuting convenience and is a prestigious premises to practice in. Their managing staff uphold the same values of service as The Treatment Rooms London and we are honoured to be working with them.”

Read the Time and Leisure article here on Pages 38 & 39 / 96: https://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/Launch.aspx?EID=f1699520-f23f-46cf-a70a-3d05eed5fbed

Read the Time and Leisure October Issue article here on Pages 40 & 41 / 88: https://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/Launch.aspx?EID=7eeed1b6-618a-4015-a479-f26a0f5a6186

Contact us to book your free consultation on the following:

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Our Thoughts on Botox and Dermal Fillers in Superdrug

hair transplant surgeons at the treatment rooms london

Deciding to have Botox® or Filler treatment should be a considered process for a patient and their Doctor, not a transaction! At The Treatment Rooms we share our thoughts on Superdrug offering these treatments.

Superdrug recently launched their Skin Renew service offering Botox® (Botulinum Toxin/ Anti-Wrinkle Injections) and Dermal Fillers in their London store (1-6). Following their recent sponsorship of Love Island they clearly sparked customer interest (8).

In this blog, we are going to highlight what you need to think about before undergoing Botox® or Fillers in any clinic and not just Superdrug! Here they are in 4 bitesized points for you:

  1. Understand what Botox® and Dermal Fillers are
  2. Find out who is going to perform the procedure
  3. Plan your treatment goals with your practitioner
  4. Take time out to think about the treatment before saying “yes!”

1) Understand what Botox® and Dermal Fillers are

Although Botulinum toxin injections are usually safe they need to be given at the correct dose. Therefore, administering Botox® requires a prescription- issued only by a Doctor after a thorough consultation (9). Find out more by going to our anti-wrinkle injections page (here).

There are different types of dermal fillers but the most common is a hyaluronic acid based filler which is temporary and can be reversed if there are any problems. Fillers are used to restore volume and reshape certain areas of the face and body to create a youthful, rejuvenated appearance. By injecting them in the correct place they can produce safe & expected results. In contrast- using the incorrect filler can lead to nightmare results! And at The Treatment Rooms in London we have had to correct a number of cases whereby the injector has clearly been negligent! You can read more about dermal fillers on our page (here). 

2) Find out who is going to perform the procedure

The person performing the procedure is extremely important. As beauty therapists have now been prevented from joining a major regulatory body (JCCP), it is clear the UK is starting to ensure patients are only treated by qualified medical practitioners. In The Treatment Rooms our injections are only performed by Doctors and Surgeons. This means you can be sure your Doctor understands the anatomy of your face and has a high attention to detail on what needs to be done to achieve your desired outcome.

3) Plan your treatment goals with your practitioner

Talk through what you would like to achieve with your practitioner. Preparing your treatment goals before Botox® or filler reduces the likelihood of bad results. A simple telephone conversation is not enough to plan your procedure. Everyone has a unique face and a personalised plan should be made during a face-face consultation!

4) Take time out to think about the treatment before saying “yes!”

Deciding to undergo Botox® or filler treatment should be a process- not a transaction! Taking time out to think about any treatment is extremely important- this is the case in all medical and surgical procedures. After discussing the treatment with your practitioner, you should understand the procedure, its risks, complications and the planned treatment goals. This should be before you sign any consent form!

Botox London
Possible injection sites using Botox®

If you would like to find out more, book a free consultation with one of our Aesthetic Doctors  or simply start a WhatsApp conversation by clicking the Whatsapp Icon.


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