Botox® and Migraine

botox migraine

Botox® has been licensed for the treatment and prevention of Migraine since 2010 but the actual effectiveness has been questioned until now. A review of all the evidence was published recently and the result showed that Botox® WAS effective in preventing Migraine. In this blog we explain more about the study and what it means for the millions of migraine sufferers out there!


Migraines are a type of headache, often felt as a throbbing on one side of the head. You may also find you suffer the following symptoms too:

  • Sickness and vomiting
  • Increased sensitivity to light and sound

Migraines are common in women (1 in 5) and in men (1 in 15) and is thought to be caused by nerve signals, chemicals and the blood vessels in the brain. You may find certain factors characteristically trigger your migraine like stress, diet and hormonal changes.

Botox®- how does it work?

Botox® works by blocking the release of acetylcholine (a chemical in nerves). This chemical helps to activate muscles and by blocking its effect you can reduce muscle activity and other chemicals that can contribute to migraines (e.g. glutamate). Hence, if you carefully inject Botox® you can prevent migraines from occurring in the first place.

Botox® and Migraines- what did the study show?

The research analysed 17 studies looking at 3,646 patients in total. Botox® injections to the head and neck resulted in:

  • 1.6 fewer migraine attacks per month for chronic sufferers who have >15 headaches per month
  • Reduced depressive symptoms associated with migraine

The main benefit of Botox® injections was seen 2 months after having treatment. Some side effects were reported which are often found with having Botox® treatment. These included:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Drooping eyelids
  • Neck pain and muscle tightness
  • Double vision

Importantly no severe side effects were reported in the study.


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2019- The Year For “Tweakments”

The so called tweakment- treatments that are subtle, natural and rejuvenate you. A tweak here and there can make a world of difference. 2017 and 2018 saw an increasing number of people looking for unnatural jawlines and cheek bones. In 2019 we are expecting a trend towards dermal filler treatments that provide subtle changes for natural looks.

What is a “Tweakment”?

The #tweakment hashtag has been trending recently and we wanted to find out more. We think everyone has had enough of the drastic changes seen by injecting too much Botox®, filler or planting a hairline too far forward. It’s unnatural and often obvious. What happened to subtlety and beauty?

Having a minor adjustment here and there, a so called tweak, can change your entire complexion. Carefully placed dermal filler in areas where you have aged can recreate bone structure and replenish fat loss. This means you change from a sunken tired appearance, to an uplifted rested and rejuvenated look.

lady midcheek dermal filler before and after picture
Dermal Fillers to the midcheek to lift and rejuvenate this lady’s appearance

Take the example above. This lady had 2mls of dermal filler to rejuvenate her mid cheeks. As a result she now boasts a healthy, full facial complexion that marries well with her face shape. You can notice her cheeks appear fuller and her eyes less tired as a result.

Why the change to “tweakment”?

Everyone knows what can be achieved with dermal fillers. Full lips, high cheek bones, contoured jaws, nose jobs and more. This has led to many injectors looking to showcase their work obviously through places like instagram. Big changes capture bigger attention but that doesn’t always mean the change is best for the patient.

Now that everyone has had time to learn about dermal fillers they aren’t so impressed by drastic differences but are more interested in the artistic ways dermal fillers can be placed in order to achieve a truly beautiful outcome.

Interestingly, an artistic compared the new “dermal filled” faces of today’s instagram world to the beauty icons of the past- Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. He also put in a twist- what if Grace Kelly and Co. had dermal filler and what would they look like today? Have a look by clicking this link (here) and have a read. It’s easy to say we prefer the natural look!

A number of “tweakments” is what we suggest to our patients. Small, impactful changes that reverse those tell-tell ageing signs will be the new trend in 2019. Mark our words!

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New Year New You- The Right Way…

Botox Dermal Fillers PDO Thread Lifts

As we welcome in 2019, we wanted to talk about those who wish to start the “New Year New You”. 2018 saw a huge rise in people looking to have Botox® and Dermal fillers. With this rise in popularity there was inevitably a rise in poor treatments being carried out by unregulated and untrained injectors. We wanted to write a short blog reiterating these dangers as in January 2019 you may decide to start the New Year by having these treatments for the first time.

December has aged our skin

The month of December tends to age our skin more than we think. Drinking alcohol, late nights, going on holiday to catch some sun will likely dry out and age your skin. You will realise you probably look more tired than you feel and this is why you might think about having treatments such as Botox® or a Dermal Fillers. As we blogged about before (link), choosing these treatments needs to be a careful decision.

What do you need to look out for?

With a rising number of poor injectors the media has decided to make Botox® and Dermal Filler treatments a topic of interest. Emmerdale was one of the latest to focus on the topic. In the video below you will see unregulated and unlicensed dermal fillers being injected and causing an allergic reaction leaving the patient in a coma. Whilst this might be a rare complication it certainly demonstrates what can go wrong if you choose to have treatments provided by someone who is not a Doctor.

Whilst December may have been full of parties, going to a Botox® and Dermal Filler party is a bad idea. A party for treatments is an informal setting and takes away the formal process of a clinical consultation before undergoing treatment. We strongly advise for you to choose a clean, sterile clinical setting where you see a healthcare professional before undergoing treatment.

Choose your Doctor carefully. With the continued problems of regulation within the Botox® and Dermal Filler community there are many who provide risky treatments ultimately cutting corners in patient care. A recent story highlighted a nurse who put patients at risk of HIV when providing them Botox® treatments. If you are unsure of your Doctor’s license then you can check it online by going on

Why choose The Treatment Rooms London?

If you are looking to start the New Year by having Botox® or Dermal Filler treatment, then look no further than The Treatment Rooms London.

The clinic is fully registered with the CQC and only has Doctors that provide treatments. Its purpose built clinic rooms have been created so that they are able to provide the latest in Botox® and Dermal Filler treatments to all patients new and returning! No corners are cut with the choice of products as the clinic sources them from regulated and approved manufacturers/ suppliers.

By coming to the clinic you will be greeted by your Doctor and taken through a thorough consultation around your aesthetic goals. Carefully planned personalised treatments that are within your budget is the clinic’s aim so we make sure you start the New Year the right way.

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End of Year 2018 Message from The Treatment Rooms London

Happy New Year The Treatment Rooms London

From all of us at The Treatment Rooms in London we wanted to say a big thank you to every patient that has seen us in 2018 and a Happy New Year 2019! In this short blog we wanted to share some highlights at The Treatment Rooms.

What a year…

2018 saw The Treatment Rooms open up a second clinic location in Harley Street giving patients access to our specialists. We have seen patients far and wide, one patient even travelling from Los Angeles to have their hair transplant carried out by The Treatment Rooms London. We are extremely privileged to meet patients from diverse backgrounds. Our surgeons often spend a whole day with their patients which means they get to know them well- truly an added perk of the vocation!

With the growing success of The Treatment Rooms London, Managing Director Dr Vara was invited to speak at 2 of the leading aesthetic conferences, sharing his experiences in starting and growing a clinic. At both CCR Expo 2018 and Aesthetic Medicine Live 2018 he was delighted to have an engaging audience, guiding them as they start up their own clinic.

With more and more patients choosing to see the Doctors at The Treatment Rooms, in 2018 we welcomed two new Doctors to the team- Dr Umaira Ashraf and Dr Masooma Rizvi. Both have brought new expertise and skills to the table and we have enjoyed welcoming them into The Treatment Rooms’ Family!

As The Treatment Rooms bids farewell to 2018 we wanted to reiterate how much we love seeing new and old patients coming into our clinic. We are proud to be part of your treatment journey and look forward to seeing you all in 2019.

What we are looking forward to in 2019…

As we welcome 2019 all of us at The Treatment Rooms London are excited to bring in some new changes! For our patients who visit us in Putney you will see a renovated clinic reception area where you will be able to check-in. We have designed it to be warm in winter and temperate in summer- shielding you from the haphazard London weather!

We are also welcoming many new hair transplant, thread lift and advanced aesthetics treatment bookings for early 2019. For this reason, we have recruited extra nurses, doctors and surgeons to ensure high quality and safe treatments continue every single day.

New Clinics in 2019

Because there are many patients in the UK and Internationally who are asking for our services, we are now expanding to 2 international locations. This means Hair Transplants, PDO thread lifts and advanced treatments by The Treatment Rooms London are going to be accessible for those patients further afield. We look forward to sharing more about these clinics with you over the coming months!

And with that we bid farewell to 2018 and wish you a Happy New Year. We are excited to share 2019 with you all!

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Heart Botox?

heart botox

Heart Botox? No- we are NOT asking if you “love Botox®”! At The Treatment Rooms we were researching uses of Botox® and came across Botox® being used in the heart. In this short blog we explain what on earth this could mean!

Botox® for the heart?

Researches based in America came across some interesting uses for Botox® in the heart. If you are a sufferer of an abnormal heart rhythm like Atrial Fibrillation (click here to find out more) you could potentially benefit from Botox® in the future. But how?

Botulinum toxin is primarily used for cosmetic purposes. It works by stopping nerve signals to muscles thereby preventing the muscles from contracting. By using Botulinum toxin we can stop muscles from contracting and the overlying skin stops wrinkling. This is why they are also called “anti-wrinkle injections”. Botulinum toxin is manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies and one of the products has been named Botox®- hence the name! 

In the heart study, Botulinum toxin was injected into the heart to prevent nerves signalling to specific parts of the heart muscle. By preventing some signals, the heart muscle wasn’t over stimulated and the incidence of the abnormal heart rhythm, atrial fibrillation, was reduced.

What did the results show?

The study found the following

  • After heart surgery, the risk of patients having atrial fibrillation dropped as much as 9X for 3 years
  • Fewer patients needed to be seen in hospital for atrial fibrillation when they went back home

What does this mean? 

Currently Botox® can be used to treat excessive sweating, migraines and teeth grinding. By using Botox® to treat abnormal heart rhythms it opens up interesting avenues for research into how heart patients can benefit too! 

If you were interested in finding out more, please feel free to contact us today. Our Doctors and Surgeons are happy to take you through what Botox® is and how it is used in the art of aesthetic medicine. Simply click here and fill out an enquiry form! 


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