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Dr Fernando- Board Member of BAHRS

Dr Dilan Fernando Hair transplant surgeon

We are delighted to announce our very own lead hair transplant surgeon, Dr Fernando has been appointed into the Executive Committee for the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery, (BAHRS). What is BAHRS? BAHRS is a non-profit association of professionals with an interest in hair loss, hair restoration including hair transplant surgery, hair research and…

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Dr Dilan Fernando- Advisory Board Member at The London Aesthetics Show

Dr Fernando board member

The Treatment Rooms London lead hair transplant surgeon, Dr Dilan Fernando has been elected advisory board member at The London Aesthetics Show. The London Aesthetics Show is launching Spring 2020 and seeks to champion patient safety and awareness in the aesthetics industry. With an increasing number of patients opting for aesthetics treatments; safety and regulation…

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Award Winning Doctor at The Treatment Rooms London

award winning doctor the treatment rooms london

Dr Hany Abi Ghosn, affiliate Doctor and Consultant at The Treatment Rooms is the 2018 Winner of Europe’s Best Medical Aesthetics Doctor Award Presented by the European Medical Association, Dr Hany received the 2018 Rose of Paracelsus for his achievements as a Medical Aesthetics Doctor. World Renowned for his work in advanced facial aesthetics using…

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