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Body Aesthetics Pricing

Body Thread Lifts:

Arm tightening from £1000 per area
Breast lift from £1200 per area
Tummy lift from £1200 per area
Buttock lift from £1200 per area
Thigh tightening from £1200 per area
Knee tightening from £1200 per area

Private Blood Tests:

Haematology Profile £15
Anaemia Profile £68
Kidney Function Tests £15
Liver Function Tests £15
Lipid/Cholesterol Profile £15
Sports/Performance Profile £340
Vitamin Profile £320
Prostate Profile £25
Thyroid Function Tests £40

Allergy Blood Tests:

Eczema Provoking Profile £120
Food and Inhalants £350
Inhalants £168
UK Food £140
Nuts and Seeds £210
Shellfish £126
Milk and Milk Proteins £126

Anti-sweat injections for armpits:

1 course of treatment £500

Hand rejuvenation with dermal filler injections:

1 course of treatment £300

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