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What type of hair transplant has Steve Carell had?

Has Steve Carell had a hair transplant?

Popular actor and comedian Steve Carell is best known for his role in award-winning The Office and for his voice acting in the Despicable Me franchise. He’s regularly voted as one of America’s favourite comedians and his antics continue to delight and entertain millions every year. Although he is relatively private with his personal life and keeps out of the spotlight on most occasions, there was one change that Steve Carell went through that was noted immediately by fans and critics alike: his changing hairline.

Many eagle-eyed fans noted that in the first series of smash hit The Office, Steve Carell’s character has a much-depleted hairline and was thinning noticeably. But when series 2 launched, the actor was sporting a nearly full head of hair, at odds with his previous appearances. The most obvious answer was a hair transplant between the seasons. This was later confirmed by producers, who asked Carell if he’d be open to going to a hair transplant clinic to make the character look less severe and to help the character age better as the series went on.

So what exactly is an FUE hair transplant?

To achieve such high quality and long-lasting results like Carell has, he would very likely have chosen an FUE, or follicular unit excision hair transplant. FUE is one of the most modern hair transplant techniques and it provides natural-looking results that blend in with the patient’s hair.

FUE hair transplants take hair from the patient in areas unaffected by thinning – this is usually around the base of the head towards the neck. The individual hair follicles are then removed and carefully implanted into the thinning areas of the scalp – in Carell’s case, the front of his hairline was receding. As the hair is taken from the patient’s own head, they are a perfect match, and once healed, provide excellent natural coverage. The procedure is conducted under local anaesthetic and patients can be in and out the same day, making it a great choice for people looking for a quick procedure and recovery time.

The results from an FUE hair transplant can start to be seen within 3-4 months, with full results and coverage within 12-18 months. FUE hair transplants are designed to last for years and once fully healed, require no maintenance besides good hair care practices. Carell had his hair transplant around 2006, and his results are still in top condition today, almost 15 years later.

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