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Will I need a second hair transplant?

For anyone suffering from hair loss, making the choice to have a hair transplant can often seem like a big decision. Although a hair transplant is a safe and common procedure that has a short recovery time and offers excellent results, it is still a cosmetic procedure.

Hair loss is a natural occurrence, if an undesirable one, and where people are keen to explore cosmetic treatments to help combat this, they want reassurance that the procedure will be long-lasting, helping them retain their desired look.

Expert Advice

As hair loss is the main reason most people choose to have a hair transplant, many recipients are understandably concerned that their hair loss may come back. A good surgeon will be able to advise you on when is the best time to have a hair transplant, including how fast the hair loss is occurring, and how evenly the hair loss is spread through the scalp.

Hair loss in men particularly happens most quickly in their early thirties and then typically slows down to a more manageable rate. By monitoring the hair loss, your surgeon will be able to recommend the best time to have a transplant and guarantee the best results for longer.

Some people may find that even with an excellent FUE (follicular unit excision) hair transplant, they begin to experience thinning in other areas of the scalp. If this happens, having a second procedure is an option, although you will need to consider how much of your own hair you want to use or if you can receive donor hair.

Second Hair Transplant

When you have your first FUE transplant, your care team will be able to recommend medications and treatments that help combat any further hair loss and maintain a more consistent look.

Occasionally, second transplants are used to add extra volume and density to an existing transplant. FUE transplants are always the best option to choose and offer the most natural-looking results from the very first procedure – so if you’re exploring having a second, you’ll know the results are guaranteed to look great.

When a hair transplant is done right, it will last many years, and often a lifetime, thanks to the type of hair used and the precise nature of FUE. If you are thinking you might need a second hair transplant, always consult an expert surgeon, such as the team here at The Treatment Rooms. We can guide you through the options available and help you manage hair loss in a variety of ways – but rest assured, helping our clients look and feel their very best is our ultimate goal.

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Our expert team knows there are lots of questions to answer when you’re considering an FUE transplant, so we’ve put together a helpful FAQ which answers many common queries and can help put your mind at rest. If you still have questions or want to discuss your options personally with our team, please get in touch with us today.

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