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Restore Your Hair At London’s Award Winning Hair Transplant Clinic.

Tyler’s Temple Hair transplant

Type of Surgery : FUE hair transplant

Hair Loss Level : Norwood 3

Number of Grafts : 1243

"I was recommended The Treatment Rooms and after seeing their results"

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best hair transplant clinic of the year award

London's Hair Transplant Clinic, Winner of Best Hair Restoration Clinic 2023

Founded in 2016, The Treatment Rooms London was opened with the aim of providing a results driven, transparent service, ensuring patients experience one to one care with their dedicated hair transplant Surgeon from start to finish, everything that a hair transplant clinic should promote.

Our clinic utilises the latest technology and surgical techniques, and we are considered one of the leaders and best known hair transplant clinics in London for natural results. A reputation built on that of sustained hair transplant results and a continual drive to raise the overall level of safety and quality across the hair transplant industry.

In 2023, the clinic was crowned Winner of Best Hair Transplant Clinic of the Year, testament to the care the clinic provides.

Our Hair Transplant Specialists

All consultations and hair transplant surgeries are led by our owners and accredited hair transplant surgeons, Dr. Roshan Vara and Dr. Dilan Fernando

Both have been regularly featured in public media such as the BBC. Both Dr. Vara and Dr. Fernando are accredited members of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery, BAHRS. Dr Fernando currently sits on the board for the BAHRS, with the aim of improving the overall safety and quality standards of the hair transplant industry in the UK. 

man looking in bathroom mirror styling hairstyle with gel or checking for hair loss or grey hairs

Acclaimed UK Hair Transplants

We understand that for many, a hair transplant procedure means more than just looking good, it’s about feeling good too. By breaking down the stigma associated with hair loss, we aim to educate and empower people, helping them on a journey to understand the best course of action for their individual situation.

As a leader in the field of FUE hair transplants, and winner of Best Hair Transplant Clinic 2023, The Treatment Rooms London is committed to the overall improvement of the patient's hair transplant journey. Starting with an initial consultation with one of our hair transplant surgeons, through to the completion of your surgery with the same surgeon, our process provides transparency and consistency throughout. 

Your journey doesn’t end with the completion of your surgery, the hair transplant recovery process is equally as important. Our hair transplant clinic is with you at every stage of recovery, providing information, aftercare packages and direct access to your surgeon.

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