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How much does a temple hair transplant cost?

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A temple hairline transplant can cost anywhere between £3,000 to £7,000. The price is primarily dependent on how many grafts you require for your transplant. Clinics will charge different prices dependent on a number of factors. In this article we will go through the main considerations when it comes to the cost of a temples hair transplant, including:

  1. How much hair loss have you had in your temples?
  2. How much of your temples do you need to fill in?
  3. Do you want an unshaven FUE hair transplant (UFUE) for your temples?
  4. The Surgeon's experience and skill

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"Temple hair transplants are often requested by patients who begin to notice their temples receding so much they are connecting to each other creating an island of hair in the front. The cost for surgery in your temples is dependent on a few different factors and is best determined during an in person consultation."

Dr Dilan Fernando, Hair Transplant Surgeon and Director at The Treatment Rooms London

Temple Hair Transplant Surgery

A temples hair transplant involves transplanting grafts (hair) from the back and sides of the scalp to an area of temple recession or thinning. There are 2 main techniques for extracting the hair:

  1. FUE Hair Transplant Surgery- this involves cutting each hair individually out and relocating them into the temples
  2. FUT Hair Transplant Surgery- this involves cutting a strip of skin from the back of the head, and then using this hair to transplant into the temples

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Temples hair transplant cost

Temple hair transplants tend to cost less than a receding hairline transplant as they often don't require much hair restoration work in the middle of your hairline. The main factor in determining the cost of a temple hair transplant is the number of grafts you require to restore your hair in the temples. This can only be determined during a face-to-face appointment with a hair transplant surgeon. At The Treatment Rooms London, the cost will range between £3,000 to £7,000 for a temples hair transplant. This will cover surgeries that require between 500-2000 grafts. You can see a collection of temple hair transplants in our patient gallery.

How much temple hair loss have you had and how does this affect the cost?

If you have lost a minimal amount of hair in your temples, you will require less hair to be transplanted. This will mean the overall cost of your temple hair transplant is lower. Such cases can be seen here: temple hair transplants 500-1000 grafts. The price for such surgery can range between £3,000- £5,000.

The more hair you have lost in your temples the larger the surgery you may require. As a result, the cost of a large temple hair transplant will be higher. Such cases can be found here: temple hair transplants 1000-1700 grafts. The price for such surgery can range between £5,000- £7,000.

temple hair transplant cost

How much of your temples do you need to fill in?

Assessing how far back your temples are will determine how much you will want to restore with a hair transplant. If you opt to restore a small amount of hair in your temples with a hair transplant then the cost won't be as much as if you want to advance your temples further forward. You will need to see your hair transplant surgeon to determine what is the best plan for your level of temple hair loss.

Our recommendation is always to be conservative with your temples' hair transplant. Patients may require a second transplant in their lifetime and leaving enough hair on the back and sides of the scalp is key to being able to operate again should you suffer from more hair loss behind your temple hair transplant.

small temple hair transplant cost
This gentleman underwent a small temple hair transplant. He had already undergone 2 failed hair transplant procedures in an unlicensed clinic and approached our clinic for a repair. We opted for a small transplant to the temples so we could make sure his recovery and growth were safe and predictable. He now has the option of restoring more hair in his temples if he wishes to do so

Do you want an unshaven FUE hair transplant (UFUE) for your temples?

Some patients choose to undergo an unshaven hair transplant to the temples as only the 2 temples will need to be shaved as well as the donor area. This will allow hair in the rest of your hairline to cover the temples and the areas that have been operated on. This can enable patients to return to work and social commitments quicker.

Choosing to have an unshaven hair transplant on the temples will cost more the surgery will take more time and diligence by your Surgeon when operating. As a result, you can expect an unshaven temple hair transplant to cost more than a regular temple hair transplant where the whole head is shaved.

The Surgeon's experience and skill in performing temple hair transplants

The cost for a temple hair transplant will also depend on a Surgeon's experience, skill and how involved they are in your surgery.

At The Treatment Rooms London, our hair transplant Surgeons perform temple hair transplants 87% of the time, either as a sole temple hair transplant or as part of a larger hairline transplant. They are both highly experienced in planning and operating on a temple, accounting for natural hair direction, angulation and flow.

Patients who are male, female or identify as transgender/ non-binary trans feminine can expect our Surgeons to take them through what temple hair transplant will suit them best accounting for future considerations around hair loss and how their new temple hair will look.

Our hair transplant Surgeons carry out all major aspects of hair transplant surgery, including:

    • Extraction of hair

    • Re-implantation of hair using an implanter pen or the DHI method into the temples

This means our Surgeons are hands-on throughout your surgical process. They are actively involved in re-implanting hairs to match your natural hair direction and angulation, so when your new temple hair grows in blends in with your existing hairline and hairstyle seamlessly. For this reason, the price for a temple hair transplant will reflect our high standard of care.

temple hair transplant cost surgeons
Our Owners and Surgeons, Dr Vara & Dr Fernando

Temple hair transplant finance

The Treatment Rooms London offers 12 months 0% finance options to patients who are looking to spread the cost of their temple hair transplant. If you are interested in finding out more about our finance plans for your hair transplant please let us know.

Are you interested in finding out the cost of your receding hairline transplant?

The Treatment Rooms London is a renowned hair transplant clinic for temple hair transplant. If you are interested in surgery and the cost of a temple hair transplant book a consultation with one of our Surgeons – call 020 8706 0076 or contact the team via our website.

Authored by

Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr Roshan Vara

Dr Roshan Vara

Full Medical Member of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery

GMC Registered - 7458409

Reviewed by

Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr Dilan Fernando

Dr Dilan Fernando

Royal College of Surgeons

Executive Committee Member & Treasurer of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery

GMC Registered - 7458157


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