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At The Treatment Rooms, we welcome all our patients to ask us about their hair loss and the available treatments

Lead hair transplant surgeon at The Treatment Rooms London, Dr Fernando gives his answers to common hair transplant questions. Instead of keeping our answers private for patients only- we have decided to share them for everyone’s benefit.

Below you will see a series of videos covering various topics around hair loss. We encourage you to ask us some questions- simply fill out an enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

How does FUE transplant work?

Whether you are suitable for hair transplant surgery or not is a good question. Not everyone benefits from undergoing a hair transplant. If you wanted to find out if you would benefit from the procedure feel free to watch the video above. More information can also be found by reading our blog on Planning A Hairline Hair Transplant.

Recovering After Hair Transplant Surgery

Recovering after a hair transplant is actually fairly straight forward. Before your procedure you should have the chance to go through this question with your surgeon. We recommend taking at least 4-5 days off-work. This gives you ample time to rest and recuperate. You will need to abstain from doing a few things in the first 2 weeks e.g. exercise. After this period you should be fine to do whatever you like. If you want to read more about recovering after a hair transplant read our blog on Hair Transplant Recovery.

Will My Hair Grow After A Hair Transplant?

It takes a while for your hair to grow after a hair transplant. We generally advise that you should wait 12 months to see results.

Is Your Hair Falling Out After Having A Hair Transplant?

Your transplanted hairs will actually fall out in the first 1-3 months after a hair transplant. This is normal and expected. This happens because your transplanted hair follicles actually go into a resting stage after your surgery. Don’t worry- they will eventually grow a new hair in the next 12 months.

Will I Need A Second Hair Transplant?

If you are not taking any treatments to prevent further hair loss after your first hair transplant and you are balding at an early age you may need a second hair transplant. Ideally, you should only have one hair transplant in your lifetime, but some people may require more than one session.

Washing Your Hair After A Hair Transplant?

Washing your hair after your hair transplant is a tricky process. We recommend you wash for the first time 5 days following your transplant. Watch Dr Fernando’s video to find out more on the washing technique!

How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost?

The cost of a hair transplant varies from patient to patient. Most importantly, you must trust your surgeon and hair transplant clinic before you undergo a hair transplant. Your eventual hair transplant results will stay with you for the rest of your life so it’s a very important decision.

Itching After A Hair Transplant?

Itching after a hair transplant is a common complaint. There are a few ways you can help with reducing the itchy feeling. Watch Dr Fernando’s latest video or read our blog on Itchiness After A Hair Transplant to find out more.

A Simple Process That Will Put Your Fears to Rest

We take every effort to ensure you to feel as comfortable as possible during the entire process. Our philosophy is to give each patient a personalised cosmetic care experience.

hair transplant information

1. Free Consultation

We'll explain the full process and perform a digital microscope assessment of your hair. No hard sells whatsoever.

hair transplant surgery clinic

2. One Day

We'll explain the full process and perform a digital microscope assessment of your hair. No hard sells whatsoever.

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3. Regular
Follow Up

We're always available even after the consultation and operation for any further questions you may have as your new hair grows.

FUE hair transplant surgery at The Treatment Rooms London

The Treatment Rooms London is a CQC registered clinic based on the prestigious Harley Street as well as Putney. Our surgeons perform every single hair transplant making sure your transplanted hair is given the greatest opportunity to grow. This professional service is why patients across the world have trusted us with the long-term care of their hair.

At consultation our surgeons will examine your hair with a microscope and create a hair transplant plan to cater for your needs.

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