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How to Find a Good Hair Transplant Surgeon in the UK

    If you are considering a hair transplant, you’ll naturally want to find the best surgeon available. But what should you be looking for in a surgeon? And how can you tell who is reputable?

    In this article, we’ll cover the steps you should take in finding a surgeon and clinic, questions you should ask them, and discuss what makes the best hair transplant surgeon. 

    What makes a good hair transplant surgeon?

    A good hair transplant surgeon will offer a range of hair loss treatments that can be tailored to the patient’s needs. They need to be fully qualified and have the necessary certifications. Check that they work for a reputable, qualified clinic that is licensed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and their Surgeons with the General Medical Council (GMC).

    In the UK, reputable Surgeons will also be part of the British Association of Restoration Surgery (BAHRS). Both our Surgeons are part of this professional body, with Dr Fernando sitting in the Executive Committee.

    The BAHRS works to uphold stringent ethical and professional standards of hair transplant surgery. I’m proud to be part of the organisation and work towards better more regulated care for patients seeking to undergo hair transplant surgery

    Dr Fernando, Hair Transplant Surgeon and Director at The Treatment Rooms London

    The best surgeons will have your best interests at heart, and will never pressure you into anything. They invite you to a consultation first, during which you can ask any questions you may have about the hair transplant procedure and their experience in delivering it. Look for examples of previous work on their website and ensure that prior to your appointment you’ve considered what additional information you may wish to know, such as surgery timelines and aftercare following the procedure.

    What qualifications should a hair transplant surgeon have?

    There are various qualifications and associations that a reputable hair transplant surgeon in the UK should have. These include:

    • A GMC licence to practice
    • A full medical membership of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery
    • Working in a CQC- registered clinic

    How to find a good hair transplant surgeon

    Finding a good hair transplant surgeon requires an investment of your time. You should carry out extensive research before opting for the best surgeon. Make sure you research both the surgeon and the clinic they belong to and attend a consultation first so you can meet them and ask any questions you may have. Any attempt by a surgeon to pressure you into anything should be seen as a red flag – this kind of approach is not professional. 

    Among the different factors that you should take into account when looking for a hair transplant surgeon are:

    • Techniques offered
    • Qualifications 
    • Hair transplant services offered, including patient experience and aftercare
    • Patient reviews

    Choosing the right hair transplant clinic

    Not only should you investigate the surgeon’s credentials, but you need to research the clinic as well. You should seek out information such as:

    • The treatments offered – does the clinic specialise in the type of hair transplant you are interested in?
    • A hair loss and hair transplant consultation – a clinic should be willing to provide all the information you need to decide whether to have a hair transplant. This includes proposing a personalised treatment plan for you.
    • Qualified surgeons – a suitable hair transplant clinic should have a qualified surgeon and a team of support staff.
    • Before and after photos – imagery demonstrating successful hair transplant procedures can reassure you that the clinic can deliver results. Look out for this showcased work on a clinic’s website. 
    • Client testimonials – written or video testimonials allow you to assess the patient experience offered by a clinic. Some clinics offer in-depth case studies which map out the patient journey. 
    best hair transplant surgeons

    Questions to ask hair transplant surgeon

    You should ask questions before your hair transplant. Your surgeon can answer your questions at any time, but the best opportunity to ask them may be at your initial consultation. Doing so can help alleviate any anxiety you have regarding the procedure and ensure you choose the right clinic and surgeon. 

    Common questions many patients like to ask include: 

    Qualified Hair Transplant Surgeons at The Treatment Rooms London

    The Treatment Rooms London surgeons are qualified, credible experts in their field. You will be in the trustworthy hands for your FUE or FUT hair transplant. Our surgeons offer extensive experience in hair restoration, practising their speciality with diligence and precision. 
    Learn more about the patient experience at The Treatment Rooms London – call us today on 020 8706 0076 or use the contact form

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