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How To Choose The Best Hair Transplant Clinic In The UK

    When selecting the best UK hair transplant clinic you should look for:

    • The licensing and regulation of the clinic which should be CQC registered
    • GMC licensed surgeons with quantifiable experience around managing hair loss, not just hair transplantation
    • We would always recommend a UK based hair transplant surgery
    • Online presence and customer reviews
    • Their caseload of before and after pictures

    In this guide we will be exploring the different elements that a patient should take into account when choosing the best hair transplant clinic; including what to look for in a surgeon and assessing hair transplant clinic reviews.

    An example of the world-class results our Surgeons are achieving. This gentleman underwent an FUE hair transplant procedure to his temples and hairline- a total of 1800 grafts were used

    Is the clinic registered with the CQC and relevant regulatory bodies?

    There are many high-quality hair transplant clinics like The Treatment Rooms London across the UK, all of which should be registered with relevant governing and quality control bodies with the view of promoting best practice and patient safety. All clinics should be:

    With over 100 UK hair transplant clinics to choose from, it is important to be aware of the above to ensure that any clinic that you engage with fulfils the two stipulations. It is always important to double-check the clinic by accessing the CQC and GMC websites to search for the clinic. 

    We also suggest avoiding hair transplant broker companies as they will simply sell you a hair transplant and send you to another clinic without your choosing. This has many downfalls because:

    • You don’t know who will be performing your surgery
    • There’s no initial consultation
    • You don’t have the chance to meet your surgeon and go through your hair loss history
    • They also fail to check whether you are a suitable candidate for a hair transplant in the first place
    • If you do undergo surgery, because you haven’t created an initial plan for your hair transplant, you may be left with a result that you are not happy with

    Choosing a hair transplant surgeon

    When choosing a hair transplant clinic, one of the most important factors to consider is the quality, experience, license, and professionalism of the hair transplant surgeon because after all, your hair is in their hands.

    It is vital that you research and validate a surgeon’s qualifications and experience before meeting them. You can use the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery (BAHRS) to search for a surgeon’s credentials. This organisation upholds stringent, professional, and ethical standards, making sure hair transplants are carried out to the highest degree of quality and safety. We suggest reading through their meticulous list of factors to consider when choosing a hair transplant surgeon

    So how can you trust the credibility of a hair transplant surgeon? A good way of researching your surgeon is to get a better idea as to their digital footprint and what people are saying about them. 

    best hair transplant surgeons
    Our Surgeons and Owners, Dr Vara and Dr Fernando

    In the case of The Treatment Rooms London, both Dr. Vara and Dr. Fernando are involved in the promotion of ethical and best practice approaches to hair transplants in the UK. They both:

    • Regularly feature in articles for prominent news outlets 
    • Make appearances on TV programmes as subject matter experts discussing hair transplants
    • Keynote speakers at leading conferences around the UK
    • Nominated as Finalists for Hair Transplant Clinic of the Year 2022 

    For more information, why not take a look at Dr. Roshan Vara and Dr. Dilan Fernando’s surgeon profiles.

    Are the hair transplant clinics UK based?

    There is a reason that the UK has become one of the foremost destinations for hair transplant procedures across the globe. This comes down to the increased scrutiny placed on hair transplant clinics in relation to the patient’s safety and the nationwide promotion of hair transplant best practice. This is fiercely promoted and policed by regulatory bodies like the CQC and the General Medical Council.  

    Over the last decade, there is a trend for patients to seek out hair transplant clinics in other international locations due to the reduced cost. 

    Whereas there exists a number of highly skilled hair transplant surgeons and reputable clinics in these locations, there also exist a number of clinics who cut corners when it comes to patient safety and general best practice with many employing a less stringent approach as they are not held to the same safety and quality standards as their UK counterparts, creating unnecessary risk for patients.

    Although cost will always play a factor, it is important to remember that there’s a reason for the high levels of scrutiny placed on patient safety and best practice in the UK which is to fundamentally mitigate as much risk as possible whilst holding clinics accountable for the level of quality provided. Repairing a poor hair transplant will always end up costing more than it would have in the first place had a hair transplant clinic been chosen that is required to operate to a stringent quality control process.

    At The Treatment Rooms London, we have experienced our fair share of botched hair transplants carried out by unlicensed surgeons in clinics overseas and in the UK. Many patients have visited our clinic in need of a ‘hair transplant fix’, asking if we can salvage their damaged hair follicles. This process is a lot harder to execute than your average hair transplant as it depends on how badly the initial hair transplant was conducted.
    Nevertheless, if you have received a poorly done hair transplant and are in need of a fully-licensed, professional surgeon to repair the damage, please visit our contact page to book a consultation.

    UK hair transplant clinic reviews

    Over the last few years, taking a look at online reviews has become a necessary part of the consumer research lifecycle when looking to engage with a service or purchase a product.  What better way to acquire information than from patients who have already experienced the service? 

    When deciding which hair transplant clinic to go with, always read the customer reviews that reside on their website or Google My Business profile, social media pages and other reviewing platforms. This way you get an understanding as to the good, the bad and the ugly.  

    There’s still no more powerful marketing technique than word-of-mouth, and word certainly does travel fast across the internet, especially on review forums. The Treatment Rooms London is proud of our 5 star review status on our Google My Business profile, providing credibility as to the level of service on offer at our London based Clinics.

    What is offered as part of the hair transplant aftercare package?

    The mark of a good hair transplant clinic shows that they demonstrate a high level of care and consideration for their patients even after the surgery is over. Along with their expertise and professionalism, surgeons should always ensure their patients are well-looked after throughout the whole process. From the initial consultation right the way through to the completion of the hair growth phase, patients must feel comfortable on their hair transplant journey and satisfied with the final result. 

    At The Treatment Rooms London, we take pride in our personalised hair transplant aftercare process that starts prior to the first incision being made. 

    An initial consultation will be made to meet the patient and assess their hair and talk through their needs, ensuring a tailored aftercare and recovery plan is in place to deal with your situation. 

    Once everything has been arranged and the patient is happy to proceed with the surgery, we’ll arrange a suitable date for the operation. On the day of the hair transplant surgery, we ensure that our patient feels right at home in the surgery room by settling them in comfortable chairs, providing any music they want, TV entertainment, tranquil aromatherapy and delicious, balanced meals at lunch. 

    Once the surgery is finished and your hair follicles are in place, we will:

    • Gently bandage the extraction zone to keep it clean
    • Provide an aftercare package containing medications and materials needed to maintain the condition your hair and scalp
    • Book in follow up consultations if needed
    • Provide detailed instructions on how to look after your new hair
    • Give you access to our surgeons throughout your recovery
    • Schedule a 1 year review and follow up

    So what’s next then?

    Whether you choose The Treatment Rooms London or another reputable UK based hair transplant clinic, always consider the points mentioned above, namely: 

    • That the clinic is registered with the appropriate governing and quality control bodies 
    • The surgeons are skilled at not only hair transplants but hair regrowth as a whole and are properly registered and trained
    • Choose a location that promotes stringent patient safety and best practice approaches rather than basing your decision entirely on cost
    • You’ve investigated online reviews for the clinic
    • The clinic provides a detailed and value added hair transplant aftercare journey

    If you’re interested in speaking to one of our surgeons to discuss your options, please do get in touch. They’ll be able to give you further insights into the FUE hair transplant process as well as expected hair transplant costs.

    Whoever you end up entrusting with the regrowth of your luscious locks, we wish you all the best and are always on hand to help should you require it. 

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