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FUE Hair Graft Calculator

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How many grafts do I need for my FUE hair transplant?

Every hair transplant is unique, and at our London FUE hair transplant clinic, we ensure that each patient receives a completely bespoke service. However, a question we're often asked is "how many hair grafts do I need for a successful FUE hair transplant?", and there are some rule of thumb calculations we can use to give a broad answer to that.

Why is it important to know how many grafts I need for my FUE hair transplant?

Hair transplant costs are calculated by the number of hair grafts that need to be transplanted. The more grafts required, the longer the procedure and therefore the higher the cost. Typically as the severity of balding increases, the number of grafts needed to provide natural looking cover also increases.

How do I use The Treatment Rooms London hair graft calculator?

We've made our hair graft calculator as easy to use as possible. Simply enter in your details, and our calculator will let you know roughly how many grafts you're likely to need.

Step 1 
Choose Your Age

Before the age of 27 it can be difficult to predict how your hair will continue to recede, and therefore it can be difficult to provide the perfect hair transplant solution.

Step 2
Choose Your Gender

Update the graphic to better reflect your circumstances. There are a number of marked differences between male and female hair transplants. Typically female hair loss will not follow the same pattern as male, and therefore the goal is less often to frame the face, but instead provide additional volume to the top and back of the head.

Step 3
Choose Your Hair Type and Colour

Hair texture can affect your personal treatment plan. For example, afro-textured hair can add more volume in hair coverage meaning fewer hair grafts are needed.

Select the hair loss areas on the model below that most closely match your situation...

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