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How many grafts are needed for each area of hair transplant?

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How many grafts will you need for your FUE hair transplant? That is not an easy question to answer, because it will be dependent on your requirements as an individual. In this blog, we take you through some of the key factors in determining how many grafts are typically needed for each area. You can also use our FUE hair transplant graft calculator which will help you gain a better understanding of how many grafts you may require for your pattern of hair loss.
One of our Directors & Hair Transplant Surgeons, Dr Vara, explains how many grafts are required for a hair transplant

Assessing your needs

A hair loss assessment is essential in confirming the number of grafts you need to see the best results, with the right density. During your hair loss assessment at your hair transplant clinic, your hair and scalp will be looked at, and the number of grafts you need will be considered. Your hair loss can be measured according to the Norwood Scale, and the number of grafts you need is likely to be determined by the extent of your hair loss, and the thickness of your hair.

Understanding the Norwood Scale

Norwood scale hair loss male

The number of grafts needed, according to the Norwood Scale, is as follows

Norwood 1 – no operation needed.

Norwood 2 – no operation needed, although if symmetry needs to be improved, 500 to 800 grafts can be transplanted.

Norwood 2a – for the restoration of the centre, or proportions to be corrected; 500 to 800 grafts.

Norwood 3 – for the front and the temples; 1000 to 1,400 grafts.

Norwood 3a – for the front; 1,000 to 1,400 grafts. For the crown; 500 to 1,000 grafts.

Norwood 4 – for the front; 1,200 to 1,600 grafts. For the crown; 800 to 1,100 grafts.

Norwood 4a – for the front; 1,700 to 2,500 grafts.

Norwood 5 – for the front; 1,800 to 2,200 grafts. For the crown; 1,000 to 1,500 grafts.

Norwood 5a – 2500 to 3200 or more grafts.

Norwood 6 – for the front; 1,800 to 2,500 grafts. For the crown; 1,500 to 1,700 grafts.

Case example: this gentleman was a Norwood 4/5 and required 1800 grafts for his frontal hair transplant

Why your clinic makes a difference

Remember that when it comes to your Follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant, choosing an experienced clinic which possesses the right technology can make all the difference. That’s because the best clinics can attain a high survival rate, which adds up to fewer grafts being needed. This gives you a cost-effective treatment (for more info, see our page how much does an FUE hair transplant cost?), with satisfying results.

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