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Stephen Miller Sprays On His Hair- Badly…

    Donald Trump senior advisor, Stephen Miller, recently appeared on TV and his hair raised a few eyebrows! Overnight he had miraculously created a new hairline but it wasn’t his natural hair- he had sprayed hair on. In this blog we will explain what spray on hair is and when it should be used- so you can avoid the tell-tell signs of obviously sprayed on hair like in Stephen Miller’s case!

    What happened?

    Appearing on the US programme Face the Nation, male hair loss sufferer, Stephen Miller, was sporting a mature hairline, but the hairline and hair colour was clearly different from his natural hair on the back and sides. The sprayed on hair also didn’t have a natural hairline with “freckles” of spray appearing just below his frontal hairline. As you can see from the picture above, the effect was clearly “fake”. It was a good example of how NOT to spray on hair.

    He is not the first and last person to use spray on hair. Many well known people are thought to have used it too such as Wayne Rooney.

    What is spray on hair?

    Spray on hair uses coloured keratin-like fibres that can be sprayed onto the head. This creates the effect of having hair. However it should be sprayed in areas where hair is already there as it helps to given the illusion of thick hair by fibres “clinging” onto your hair. Spraying it onto an already bald scalp will likely give you the unnatural hair line- as in Stephen Miller’s case.

    Using spray on hair in areas of thinning can be effective especially if you want to give the impression of thick hair. However, recreating hair lines and long hair is near impossible and easily spotted as fake. Also, it is easily wiped and washed away so you need to be careful in windy and wet weather!

    What are the other options?

    Stephen Miller is likely suffering from male pattern baldness, as 50% of males over 50 years of age already do. He already has fairly advanced balding and he ought to seek a hair loss specialist, like the Doctors at The Treatment Rooms, for advice.

    Assuming he has male pattern baldness, Stephen could choose to “freeze frame” his hair loss by taking Finasteride. This stops the processes that underpin male pattern baldness by halting DHT acting at the hair follicle. This could help prevent any further hair loss- meaning his hair won’t recede anymore.

    He can also use Minxoidil on areas of thinning to thicken hair and slow the process of hair loss down. Alternatively, PRP injections could also help to thicken his existing hair.

    If he would like to regrow hair in areas that he has become completely bald then Stephen’s best treatment option is an FUE hair transplant. The aim of the hair transplant would be to give Stephen Miller a natural mature hairline that would fit his character.


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