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FUE Vs FUT: Which Hair Transplant Is Best For You?

    Due to developments in technology and skilled surgeons, many people look to a hair transplant to restore their full head of hair. The results can be life-changing, giving you a more youthful appearance and even boosting self-confidence. But choosing the right hair transplant technique for you can be hard. There are many factors to consider as both FUE and FUT are effective hair transplant techniques that offer long-lasting results; but which one is the right one for you?

    In this article, we compare and contrast the FUE and FUT hair transplant techniques, giving you an insight into which one may be best for you. We’ll look at the characteristics of each technique, how they compare, their pros and cons, and what we have to offer here at The Treatment Rooms London.

    Both FUE and FUT hair transplant surgeries are viable methods of surgery for patients who want to restore their hair. We counsel patients around both methods and their pros and cons if it is important to them making an informed decision around their surgery.

    Dr Roshan Vara, Hair Transplant Surgeon and Director at The Treatment Rooms London

    What is a FUE hair transplant?

    The FUE hair transplant technique is the more modern of the two methods. It takes hair grafts from the back of your scalp as individual follicles. This is done using tiny punches before the grafted hair follicles are taken and placed gently in small holes that have been made at the recipient site (where your new hair will grow). After the process is complete, your scalp will be bandaged for a few days. After initially falling out, your transplanted hair will start to grow back in around three to four months.

    What is a FUT hair transplant?

    The FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation, or linear strip excision) technique takes hair grafts by removing a strip of skin from the back of your scalp. This strip is typically several inches long. Once the donor site (where the strip has been taken from) is stitched up, the strip can be split into smaller sections with a surgical tool. These smaller sections are then implanted at the recipient site, and the process of hair renewal will begin. Once transplanted, the follicles will fall out before permanent follicles grow in their place for around three to four months. 

    FUE vs FUT: What’s the difference?

    Now we’ve outlined how both hair transplant procedures work, let’s look at how the FUE and FUT techniques compare.


    Both the FUE and FUT techniques can offer satisfactory results. However, if a significant amount of grafting is required, the FUT technique can deliver better results, due to it typically yielding more hair to transplant. Conversely, due to the nature of the grafting technique, a FUT hair transplant leaves visible scarring, whereas the FUE technique – which removes hair follicles with tiny punches rather than from a strip – leaves less visible scarring. 

    FUE vs FUT
    FUE hair transplant surgery can cost a little more than FUT surgery. This gentleman underwent an FUE surgery for his hairline and was debating FUE vs FUT


    You can expect the more modern FUE technique to be more expensive than the older FUT technique at the vast majority of hair transplant clinics. The price will also be determined by the extent of the work required. FUT hair transplants are faster to complete than FUE, which are more intricate and time-consuming; hence the lower price for FUT surgery. People who require a larger number of grafts may find that FUT allows them to stay within their budget. Take a look at our hair transplant costs page for more information.


    Because the FUT technique involves a more invasive procedure – taking hair grafts as a strip of scalp rather than as individual follicles – recovery time is typically longer. While recovery time is around five to seven days with an FUE hair transplant, FUT patients may need to wait from 10 to 15 days to resume all of their daily activities. Furthermore, people who have had a FUT hair transplant need to be especially careful with the stitches at the donor site

    For more information, please refer to our guide to hair transplant aftercare and recovery.

    Success rates

    Despite their differences, the success rates of the FUE and FUT hair transplant techniques are fairly similar. How good the final results of your hair transplant are is more dependent on other factors – such as how well the surgeon performs the procedure and aftercare treatment – rather than which technique was used.

    hairline FUE hair transplant review
    This gentleman underwent a hairline FUE hair transplant and also was counselled around the pros and cons of FUE vs FUT

    FUE hair transplant pros and cons 


    • Less painful recovery period than FUT
    • No stitches required
    • No linear scarring
    • Short hair is possible without a scar visible
    • Donor site heals quicker than FUT


    • Lower yield of hair compared to FUT
    • More expensive than FUT
    • Larger sections of your scalp (back and sides) will need to be shaved
    • A more time-consuming procedure than FUT

    FUT hair transplant pros and cons


    • Cheaper than FUE
    • The procedure takes less time
    • Easier to perform larger hair transplant sessions, taking more hair grafts
    • Can be more suitable for some people to have a FUT first, and then an FUE if further treatment is required in the future


    • Stitches are required
    • Recovery time is longer
    • Healing time is longer
    • The recovery period is less comfortable
    • There is the possibility of visible scarring
    • Scars require longer hair to cover them
    FUE vs FUT
    If you have had FUT surgery and are left with a scar at the back, you can undergo FUE surgery to repair your scar and conceal it better

    Which hair transplant is best for me?

    Every patient is different, and it can be hard to choose the best technique for you. That’s why the team at The Treatment Rooms London is here to help. Our surgeons offer a wealth of experience in performing FUE hair transplant surgery and advising on the FUT technique.

    We offer a free consultation so you can meet us in person and ask any questions you may have. We’ll evaluate your hair follicles to determine how many grafts you will need for the procedure, and discuss what the best technique is for you. 

    Take peace of mind from the expert level of care provided by The Treatment Rooms London’s experienced hair transplant surgeons. At our hair transplant clinic, situated in the heart of London, you’ll benefit from the most advanced treatments available; performed using state-of-the-art technology. Feel at ease in a welcoming environment with staff dedicated to providing a personalised care experience and going the extra mile. Are you ready for your FUE or FUT hair transplant consultation? Call the experts at The Treatment Rooms London on 020 8706 0076 or use our contact form.

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