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Female Hairline Lowering Transplant

    Female hairline lowering can be achieved with a hair transplant, where hair is relocated from the back and sides of the scalp to the hairline that is perceived to be too high. The procedure is generally performed over 1 day and can provide a new lower hairline for women who were previously bothered about their higher hairline.

    Female High Hairline

    A high hairline in a female is often inherited in a condition called a congenitally high hairline. You may find female members of the family have similar hairline positions. This is often characterised with the hairline in the middle being higher than usual and the temples on the sides going deeper into the hairline. This can make the overall hairline look “peaked”.

    female high hairline example
    Example of a high hairline for this patient, characterised by having her temples being much further back than her hairline centrally

    There is often no hair loss being suffered however it is important to rule out any underlying causes that can predispose you to hair loss or cause it in the first place, such as:

    1. Low Iron
    2. Low Folate
    3. Low Vitamin D
    4. Low B12
    5. Under or overactive Thyroid gland
    6. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
    7. Traction Alopecia (tying your hair into tight ponytails or buns over time)
    8. Female Pattern Baldness
    9. Alopecia Areata
    10. Stress

    Treatments For A Female High Hairline

    Having a high hairline without suffering from hair loss can cause a fair amount of anxiety. You may be styling your hair to cover your hairline or temples. There are 2 main ways you can treat a high hairline:

    1. A hair transplant to implant new hair into a lower hairline
    2. Forehead reduction surgery or scalp advancement

    Hair Transplant Surgery For A High Hairline

    Hair transplant surgery to lower your hairline is a good technique where you have a peaked hairline and deep temples, similar to the image below. The main issue female patients complain of is that their hairline is not the right shape and is too high. Both issues can be addressed by undergoing a hair transplant. The procedure is performed in 1 day and the result is seen 1 year post surgery.

    hair transplant surgery to lower hairline female
    Before and after hairline lowering FUE hair transplant surgery

    The procedure can help fill in areas where you would like hair and lower your hairline to a position that is fitting.

    There are 2 methods that can be used to perform hairline lowering hair transplant surgery in women:

    FUE, Follicular Unit Excision Hair Transplant Surgery

    This is a technique where each individual hair in removed from the back and sides of the scalp and transplanted into the hairline. This technique leaves small pinpoint scars across the back and sides of the scalp that are not visible when the hair is grown longer.

    Pro: This technique doesn’t have as much downtime as FUT hair transplant surgery

    Con: Can require you to shave more hair than FUT hair transplant surgery to facilitate surgery

    FUT, Follicular Unit Transplantation

    Also known as Linear Strip Excision, this is a technique where a strip of skin containing hair is removed from the back of the scalp and the hair is used to transplant into a hairline to lower it. This technique leaves you with a long line scar at the back of the scalp that needs longer hair styling to conceal.

    Pro: This technique can allow you to transplant more hair in 1 session of surgery without shaving as much as undergoing an FUE hair transplant. This will allow you to lower your hairline more should you wish to

    Con: This procedure tends to have a longer downtime than FUE hair transplant surgery

    Forehead Reduction Surgery or Scalp Advancement

    This technique involves surgically lowering the entire hairline with a thin cut made at the base of the hairline. This procedure is advised in patients who are happy with the shape of their hairline but would like it reduced across the entire area.

    Pro: Doesn’t involve shaving of the hair

    Con: Will leave a visible scar at the base of the hairline across the scalp. Can also have a longer downtime after surgery.

    Hairline Lowering Hair Transplant Cost

    The cost of female hairline lowering hair transplant surgery ranges between £5,000- £8,000 and is dependent on the size of surgery. This can only be costed during an in-person consultation with our hair transplant surgeons.

    female hairline lowering hair transplant cost

    What Hairline Shape Should You Go For?

    When you lower your hairline you will need to discuss what suits you best with your hair transplant surgeon. This will involve a consideration of:

    1. Where is your natural hairline?
    2. What are the natural muscle positions in your forehead?
    3. What are your natural aesthetic proportions and what hairline position and shape would suit you best?

    Can You Lose Hair After Your Hairline Lowering Procedure?

    The risk of ongoing hair loss after having your hairline lowered will always be there. It is important to optimise your health and well-being in ensure this risk is kept at bay. All patients are encouraged to check their blood tests to ensure their Iron, B12, Vitamin D and Folate levels are normal alongside normal hormone levels for their Thyroid gland and female sex hormones.

    Our female patients may also be encouraged to avoid tying their hair tight repeatedly over time as this can cause further hair loss in the temples in a condition called traction alopecia.

    If you do lose more hair after your procedure, you will need to explore and treat the reason for your hair loss and you may need to consider having another hair transplant to fill in the areas that have thinned.

    Booking A Female Hairline Lowering Hair Transplant

    If you are interested in exploring how a hair transplant can help lower your hairline please contact our hair transplant clinic today to see how our hair transplant surgeons can help.

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