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Hair Transplant In Turkey

    Over the past few years, many people have been going to Turkey for a hair transplant because it’s cheaper. It’s also an opportunity for a European getaway. But does that mean it’s better or safer? While these trips are being taken under the banner of medical tourism, a lack of regulation and misleading information about technology mean that a decision to undergo a hair transplant in a country such as Turkey shouldn’t be taken lightly.

    In this article, we look at why many people are going to Turkey to get a hair transplant. Along with the benefits, we’ll weigh up the potential problems and risks, and ask what you should consider before agreeing to get a hair transplant in Turkey. We’ll also contrast the option of a hair transplant in Turkey with the alternative of having the procedure done in the UK.

    Why do people go to Turkey for a hair transplant?

    Why do so many people fly to Turkey to undergo treatments such as hair transplants and veneers? The primary reason appears to be cost. The savings on offer in Turkey means that it can be easy to focus on price and ignore other factors. The country’s hair treatment industry is worth close to £1 billion, which speaks to the number of visitors going to Turkey for hair transplant procedures. For those from northern Europe who are accustomed to colder climates, Turkey also represents an attractive destination with the promise of warmer weather.

    What are the drawbacks of getting a hair transplant in Turkey?

    Those interested in having a hair transplant in Turkey are doing themselves a disservice if they fail to consider the drawbacks. The first issue to flag up is regulation. There are many hair transplant clinics in Turkey which are not regulated to the same standards as in the UK. 

    These include:

    1.  Having a clinic that is certified and inspected by a Government healthcare body 
    2.  Having a qualified medical professional carrying out surgery. 

    Secondly, they may not usually provide aftercare or follow-ups. In addition, some clinics only use older techniques which can lead to visible scarring if not carried out properly. You also face the possibility of misleading or false information, lack of qualified staff, no in-person consultation, and a higher risk of side effects when dealing with unlicensed or unqualified surgeons. We’ll look at these concerns in more detail in the sections below.

    City Near Body Of Water
    Istanbul, Turkey

    Turkey Hair Transplant Regulations 

    As touched upon above, regulation is one of the main concerns with getting a hair transplant in Turkey. Hair transplants aren’t as regulated as they are in the UK, therefore unlicensed surgeons or even those without a medical qualification are going unchecked and can operate. This can cause a serious risk to a patient’s health. In the UK, clinics must be regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure safe and quality care is given. In Turkey, it can be very difficult to ascertain whether a clinic is regulated or not and therefore it is harder to find trustworthy information you need when researching your hair transplant options. 

    Outdated technology and poor hair transplant planning

    Unlicensed and unchecked clinics can carry out surgery with outdated technology and poor hair transplant planning. This presents the risk of techniques which aren’t advanced enough to get the best results. Many clinics provide follicular unit extraction (FUE)  but don’t apply correct surgical planning and finesse to achieve a natural result. This can lead to visible scarring and longer recovery times with higher health risks. 

    No aftercare or follow-ups after a Turkey hair transplant

    Many clinics in Turkey do not offer hair transplant aftercare or follow-up appointments to check on the progress and the overall well-being of their patient. This can lead to serious complications, especially if something goes wrong during the recovery process. Aftercare is vitally important to ensure you recover from your hair transplant in the right way and get the very best results. Reputable clinics in the UK, such as The Treatment Rooms London, will offer this as part of your hair transplant package. You should ensure a clinic offers aftercare before choosing them for a hair transplant.

    Unqualified hair transplant surgeons

    Due to regulations, many hair transplant surgeons will be unqualified and lack the experience necessary to provide a safe and high-quality hair transplant. This can lead to downsides such as:

    • Higher incidence of side effects
    • High risk of surgical complications
    • Sub-standard hair transplants that may have to be corrected
    • No recourse for the patient to report any negligent surgeons and clinics to (e.g. the CQC and General Medical Council (GMC)

    At The Treatment Rooms London, our GMC-qualified and BAHRS-registered surgeons offer an expert level of care, providing the most advanced treatments and a personalised patient experience. For more information, please read our article on how to find a good hair transplant surgeon in the UK.

    Long-term results after a hair transplant in Turkey

    What are the long-term results of getting a hair transplant in Turkey? Travelling to Turkey for your hair transplant may seem appealing due to discounted rates and the opportunity to make a holiday out of it, but is it better in the long run? Ultimately, a hair transplant is a surgical procedure that requires an expert level of care, which can be hard to find abroad.

    The best hair transplant clinics can ensure you have enough coverage to cover your scalp as your hair continues to recede. It’s also important to leave enough donor hair if there is the possibility that a second hair transplant will be needed. Remember that the results of your hair transplant will be with you in the future. 

    Hair transplants in the UK

    Many people flock to Turkey for a hair transplant, and some clinics in the country can provide excellent results, but you need to consider everything before you opt for the treatment. Carry out research on the clinic before choosing them, ensure you look into the surgeon’s credentials, note the treatments the clinic offers, and read their patient reviews.

    The short- and long-term benefits of choosing a UK hair transplant clinic over Turkey shouldn’t be ignored. With a little extra investment, you can put your hair in the very best hands, giving yourself peace and mind and cutting down travel time. 

    Discover more about hair transplants at The Treatment Rooms London – call us on 020 8706 0076 or use our contact form.


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