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Jordan Peterson Hair Transplant

March 29, 2021

Jordan Peterson, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto and Youtube personality, known for his conservative views regarding cultural and political issues has never admitted to having an FUE hair transplant. Whilst all claims regarding this are purely speculative, one thing that isn’t are how luscious his locks are!

Now, hair loss of any kind can really take its toll on one's self-esteem. Being unhappy in your appearance affects how you approach your day-to-day life and, as a result, many people attempt to temporarily fix or hide balding and hair thinning through the use of ineffective products.

However, there are fantastic permanent solutions you can explore through a hair transplant clinic that will transform your hair and restore your confidence.

FUE hair transplants have become the most popular form of transplant. The procedure involves taking hair follicles from the skin and moving them to the part of the head where the hair is balding or thinning.

The popularity of FUE hair transplants has particularly increased amongst high-profile figures who want to achieve a natural appearance of hair regrowth. Our guess is that Jordan Peterson might have had one.

Jordan Peterson hair transplant before and after

Online personality Jordan Peterson has drastically transformed his hairline in recent years. Footage from earlier in his career hints at signs of male pattern baldness; an issue that affects around 80% of men at some stage in their life. An FUE hair transplant is the likely cause to have created a thick and natural hair look for Jordan Peterson.

Be it a strict diet, losing weight or, an FUE hair transplant, whatever Jordan has done has really worked.

What are the benefits of an FUE hair transplant?

An FUE hair transplant is one of the most popular techniques, and there are many reasons for this:

  • FUE scarring - due to the way in which the transplant is done it results in minimal visible scarring. This is due to incisions a millimetre in diameter being created on the scalp that are so small that when the hair eventually begins to grow back, they cannot be seen
  • The FUE procedure is conducted under local anesthetic rather than general anesthetic. This means that the patient feels minimal discomfort. A big win is the fact that FUE hair transplant recovery time is a lot quicker than that of a FUT hair transplant. Once the procedure is complete, you can head home the very same day
  • You'll achieve a completely natural-looking result that mimics healthy and natural hair growth in a matter of months
  • The procedure allows for multiple follicle donor areas to be used, increasing the chances of you being a suitable candidate

So, if you're unsatisfied with the appearance of your hair and you're looking for a permanent solution, an FUE hair transplant could make a significant difference to your confidence. Take a look at our hair transplant cost page for more information, with prices starting at £3,000 you don’t need to be an internet celebrity to afford one.

If you're interested in how you could benefit from an FUE hair transplant and would like further information, please contact The Treatment Rooms London today.

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