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Botox® Parties- Think Twice

We’ve talked about them before and we wanted to write something again. Botox® Parties have been in the press recently- mainly for negative reasons. This blog highlights the main points.

What are Botox® Parties?

They are informal gatherings for friends to catch up, have drinks and be given Botox® injections.

Are these parties a good idea?

An article by The Guardian highlighted how there are an increasing number of these parties. They appear fun and a good way to catch up between friends. As Botox® lasts for 3-4 months, regularly scheduling Botox® parties gives those attending the chance to have repeat treatment when the effects have worn off, but allows friends to catch up on a regular scheduled basis. It sounds convenient but at The Treatment Rooms London- we advise strongly against them. They are not a good idea.

Why are Botox® Parties are bad idea?

There is a government petition currently circulating highlighting the risks posed in the UK by non-medical professionals injecting Botox® and Dermal Fillers. Injecting someone’s face with a needle obviously requires strong clinical understanding of the anatomy of the face and the medicine (Botox®) you are giving. If you aren’t trained in either of these important pillars of aesthetic medicine then you are clearly not practising safely.

In the UK there is currently no law that prevents a non-medical professional injecting Botox® or Derma Fillers. Together with the rise in popularity of these treatments over the last few years, there has also been a number of cases of tragic complications from poor treatment- often when a patient has been treated by someone who is not a Doctor, Nurse or Dentist throwing a Botox® Party.

Treatment like Botox® should be given in a clean, sterile environment and certainly not when you have just had a few alcoholic drinks. Part of undergoing Botox® treatment includes going through a thorough consultation including a full consent process where a patient is allowed to weigh up the decision to undergo treatment or not. There is simply no place for alcohol which can cloud a decision and leave patients regreting any choices made after having treatment.

It is no wonder there has been a few horror stories about people having complications after having treatment at a Botox® Party. We cannot emphasise enough- if you have been invited to a Botox® party- please think twice and suggest an alternative environment to catch up with friends.

Where should you be having Botox®?

Our advise is you should look to have Botox® treatment in an environment that suits the following conditions:

  • A clean, sterile room
  • In a dedicated Medical Aesthetics Clinic
  • With a trained Doctor, Nurse or Dentist
  • In a clinic that addresses the full consultation process from assessment and consent to aftercare


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