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Can Hair Dye Cause Hair Loss?

Are you suffering from hair loss, and wondering if dying your hair is contributing to it? Some dyes are harmful due to the chemicals contained within them, and the process of applying the dye can also cause hairs to dislodge.  Can hair dye cause hair loss? Dying your hair causes damage to the hair shaft…

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Can A Hair Transplant Fix A Widow’s Peak?

Jude Law widow's peak

Hair loss appears in different ways. One of the most common patterns is the ‘V’ shape, also known as a widow’s peak.  In this article, we’ll discuss what widow’s peaks are and what causes them. We’ll also look at the various ways in which a widow’s peak can be corrected. What is a widow’s peak?…

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Does Caffeine Shampoo Work For Hair Loss?

caffeine shampoo hair loss

Shampoo containing caffeine is marketed and sold by several brands – including Alpecin, TruePure and Ultrax Labs – but is it really capable of reducing, or even reversing, hair loss? In this article, we weigh up the evidence for and against the status of caffeine shampoo as a hair loss product.  We answer the following…

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Does Finasteride Regrow Hair?

Medication blister pack with pink pills

Finasteride is well known for halting hair loss, and it is also shown to be effective in regrowing thin hair too. In this article, we put a spotlight on Finasteride’s ability to regrow hair and stop hair loss, discussing how it works, its results and other non-surgical hair loss treatment options.  What is Finasteride? Finasteride…

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Mature Hairline Vs Receding Hairline

Mature hairline vs receding hairline

A mature hairline is not the same as a receding hairline. As you age your hairline will naturally migrate up evenly at the temples, this is called a maturing hairline. A maturing hairline tends to settle at the age of 27. It often results in an even “M” shaped hairline. A receding hairline is when…

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Tips For Hair Loss Prevention And Treatment

man washing his hair with shampoo

In some cases, hair loss is a hereditary condition that can’t be avoided. However, there are certain steps we can take to help prevent hair loss, as well as ways we can treat it, and even solutions to reverse it. In this article, we are going to look at the causes and characteristics of hair…

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Hair Shedding Vs Hair Loss: What’s The Difference?

hair loss after hair transplant

Are you experiencing hair shedding or hair loss? Both hair loss and hair shedding are a natural part of life; but what’s the difference between shedding and hair loss, and when should you seek treatment? What is hair shedding? It’s important to note that the loose hairs we encounter on our pillows, clothing and combs,…

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The Complete Guide To Hair Loss Treatment

Man with hair loss problem looking in mirror

In this guide to male and female hair loss treatments, we cover the signs and causes of hair loss, before moving on to the recommended hair loss treatments available. What is hair loss? Hair loss affects more than half of men aged over 50 in the UK and is commonly experienced by older adults from…

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An In-Depth Guide To Receding Hairline & Possible Treatments

mature hairline

A receding hairline is seen at the front and the temples. It is commonly caused in men by a condition called male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia). Hair transplant surgery can be an effective treatment for a receding hairline but not all patients would benefit from the procedure. In this blog you will find out whether…

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Does Wearing A Hat Cause Baldness?

man with hair loss lifting his hat

Hair loss can be caused by many different factors. Some instances of male hair loss are simply down to genetics, while others are the result of taking certain medications or supplements. There are also a number of illnesses that can cause hair loss, and sometimes hormonal changes are to blame. There are many different potential…

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