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Is Propecia necessary after a hair transplant?

    Whether it’s from a health condition or just a natural part of the ageing process, hair loss is more common than you might think; it affects more than one-third of men by the age of 30. Luckily, procedures such as the FUE hair transplant can help to combat the ageing process and restore your vibrant locks. Those who have had a hair transplant are likely to know all about Propecia® (or Finasteride) which is a prescription medication that can help to combat male pattern baldness. However, many people have questioned how the medication works and if it’s even necessary to continue taking the medication after a hair transplant procedure. This guide will give you all the information you need about the medication:

    What is Propecia®?

    Propecia® is Finasteride and is the only FDA approved drug on the market that has been shown to improve hair loss; it’s usually taken by men before they consider a hair transplant but it can also be taken by those with an enlarged prostate. In numerous studies, men who took Propecia® retained the hair they had or noticed significant hair growth after a year of taking the medication.

    How does Propecia work?

    Propecia® is meant to be taken orally which makes it easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. Essentially, Propecia® is a medication that attempts to stabilise your dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels. The medication prevents testosterone from being converted into DHT (dihydrotestosterone), preventing DHT causing your hair to become thin and fall out.

    Is it necessary to take Propecia after a hair transplant?

    Hair transplant procedures alone are incredibly effective and people can look forward to a fuller head of hair after the surgery has taken place. However, if you want to ensure that your procedure is as effective as possible, there are certain measures you should take. It might surprise you to hear that Propecia® (finasteride) can be an amazing adjunct to a surgical hair procedure. The medication stabilises hair growth and can even help to grow hair that has been extracted during the process.

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