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The Increasing Popularity of Thread Lifts

RealSelf & Thread Lifts. RealSelf, the prominent online patient- Doctor website has recently published an interesting report on what are the most popular treatments. Interestingly, the popularity of thread lifts has sky rocketed! The interest in thread lifts has increased the most compared to any other cosmetic procedure- having shot up by 42% since 2017. So what has caused this surge in interest?

Key points from the research

Some take home messages from the research include:

  • People’s interest in thread lifts has increased by 42% 
  • Botox® and Juvederm® are the number 1 and 3 most researched minimally invasive treatment

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What is RealSelf?

RealSelf is a website that allows patients to do the following: 

  • Search for treatments
  • Learn about treatments
  • Leave a review on their experience of a treatment and a Doctor
  • Search for Doctors and Surgeons based on their reviews and patient result photos
  • Ask questions about a treatment and have them answered by a Doctor who is a specialist

The website helps to bridge the gap between a patient and their Surgeon. It allows a patient to be fully informed about a procedure and know who is going to be providing it. If they are happy they can also contact the Surgeon by directly messaging them. By having a Q&A section, it also gives patients access to real clinical information that is provided by specialists. 

Why has RealSelf detected an increasing interest in thread lifts? 

Thread lifts offer a way to lift and rejuvenate areas of sagging skin and fat. They can be used in the face or in the body and are often preferred as a treatment over surgical methods of lifting. 

As Thread lifts are minimally invasive, they offer a way for patients to achieve a lift without having the long downtime and the risks of a surgical procedure. Thread lifts also tend to be less expensive compared to surgical methods of lifting. 

Interestingly, in a RealSelf survey carried out in October 2018- they explored why people chose to have cosmetic surgery in the first place. 

Combating ageing (22%), looking younger (22%), convenience in saving time (15%) and getting a body back after having children (11%) all came up in the top 7 most cited reasons. Importantly, all of these reasons can be addressed with thread lift treatment to the face or body. 

In the fast paced world we live in, you often don’t have time to take 2 weeks off work to recover from a procedure. Moreover, most people don’t want to have a drastic change in their appearance. The natural look is favoured with 30% of the UK’s patients not wanting to look like “they have had work done”. Thread lifts offer a natural rejuvenating lift that marries well with the subtle but naturally beautiful changes many patients may want. This is probably why RealSelf has detected an increasing interest in people searching for thread lifts. 

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If you wanted to know more about thread lifts at The Treatment Rooms London then please click on the following links: 

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