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Body Thread Lift- Patient Case & Results

The Treatment Rooms London proudly present a series of Body Thread Lifts on a single patient.

This lady complained about loose skin after years of losing weight and keeping fit. She had a great understanding and realistic expectations of what thread lifts can achieve with regards to skin tightening. Below are 3 treated areas- her stomach, buttock and thigh.

Stomach Thread Lift Result

stomach thread lift
Lifting excess skin and cellulite in the stomach using PDO Threads

Smoothening the skin folds and wrinkles on the stomach with PDO threads. The result shown is an immediate effect that improves over the next 6-8 weeks.

Buttock Thread Lift Result- Before and After Thread Lift

buttock thread lift
Lifting the buttock using PDO Threads

Excess skin was visible in the buttocks. Using carefully placed threads we were able to lift the skin up and reduce their appearance. The patient was left with a more toned and tighter appearance of the region.

Thread Lift Result- Before and After PDO Thread Insertion

thigh thread lift
Tightening the thigh region using PDO Threads

Tightening of the thigh region and increasing the thigh gap using PDO threads.


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