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Exploring Wayne Rooney’s Hair Transplant

    Being at the top of your game can take its toll on anyone, especially when it comes to your appearance. Stress, intensive training programmes and pushing your body to the very limits will often result in unwanted side effects – including dark circles, dehydrated skin, and hair loss.

    Wayne Rooney Hair Loss

    Wayne Rooney, one of England’s all-time greatest footballers, was no stranger to this. From his early 20s, photos showed the Manchester United and England star player was starting to recede and experience hair loss around the front of his hairline and at the temples. While over 30% of all men start to experience some hair loss by the time they are 35, Rooney was showing extensive thinning at as early as 25.

    As a man in the spotlight on the pitch and in the media, Rooney started to face criticism over his thinning hair. Teammates and fellow footballers joked about it with him on social media, and despite Rooney’s stellar talent making him the standout player that he is, it was clear that his hairline was starting to affect his self-esteem – not helped by critical tabloid media.

    Wayne Rooney Fue Hair Transplant

    In 2011, Rooney underwent a FUE hair transplant procedure at a Harley Street clinic, opting for the very best clinicians and treatments for his transplant. He’s openly discussed the procedure on his social media platforms and with the media, even asking his followers for recommendations to help soothe his head post-procedure. Many of his teammates have praised him for speaking out openly about the procedure, with wishes of a speedy recovery and embracing his new look being noted.

    In choosing a Harley Street clinic for his hair transplant, Rooney will have had access to state of the art procedures, treatments and care. Only the very latest in hair transplant technology will have been used, which means it’s highly likely Rooney would have undergone a follicular unit excision, or FUE hair transplant. This would give him the best results possible as well as having a short surgery time and a recovery period of between 2 and 4 months for full results to show.

    FUE hair transplants are the best option to choose as they over optimum coverage, use hair from the patient, and are all carried out under local anaesthetic, allowing the patient to walk in and out on the same day. Hair is taken from the base of the head or areas otherwise unaffected by thinning, and individual hair follicles are then removed and implanted into the desired areas. This allows the hairline to grow in with natural results that perfectly match the rest of the hair.

    Our own Harley Street clinic offers excellent treatment and results for FUE hair transplants – contact a member of our expert team today.

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