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Love Island Hair Transplants

    Love Island is one of the biggest reality TV shows to ever hit our screens. The ‘Love Island Effect’ has seen a huge rise in people undertaking beauty and cosmetic procedures to achieve a new look. Although facial fillers, eyelash extensions, fake tan and acrylic manicures are hugely popular for women thanks to the show, it’s similarly had a big impact on men’s grooming and beauty. More men than ever before are undertaking procedures to enhance their look and improve their confidence.

    Many men struggle with hair loss, and several of the Love Island contestants have been open about their difficulties and anxieties with their receding hairlines. Dom Lever, Max Morely, Kieran Nicholls and Alex Beattie have all spoken out regarding their hair transplants and their reasoning behind it, with many of them citing a desire to feel more confident and retain a younger look, reflecting how they really feel.

    All of these Love Island celebrities have undergone the most modern version of the hair transplant procedure, known as follicular unit excision (FUE). FUE hair transplants are ideal for men looking to improve their hairline with minimal time needed in surgery and in recovery after, much like the contestants of Love Island, who are keen to look their best at all times. Dom Lever and Alex Beattie both described the procedure as being almost painless, with only the anaesthetic causing a light sting, and the overall time for completion very quick.

    What is an FUE hair transplant?

    FUE hair transplants work by removing individual hairs, usually from around the base of the head where thinning is unlikely to occur, and then planting the hair follicles into the desired areas. Once healed and settled, the hairline will grow in thick and naturally, covering any areas of thinning. To see a full result and a new hairline only takes around 1 to 2 months, and FUE hair transplants have over a 98% success rate for patients.

    The Love Islanders have all had excellent results from their hair transplants, openly discussing the positive impact the procedure has had and happily showing off their new fuller hairlines. If you’re keen to achieve a similar result with a hair transplant, contact us today.

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