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Has Perez Hilton had a hair transplant?

    Famous for being a US gossip columnist, TV personality and ardent blogger, Perez Hilton is a regular face in the media spotlight. For someone who is frequently thrust in the limelight, looking good is crucial for this well-known celebrity.

    Indeed, over the years we’ve seen Perez sporting a number of eye-catching hairstyles, ranging from spiky cuts to various vibrant shades, including pink, red and green, as well as bleached blonde.

    As anyone knows who uses a lot of products and dyes on their hair, over time, this can start to take its toll. In Perez’s case, this may have helped to speed up the hair loss he started to experience as he hit 40, although many men notice natural thinning of their hair around this age or even earlier.

    With Perez’s hair being such a significant part of his signature style, to begin experiencing hair loss would, naturally, be devastating for this media magnet. So, it’s no wonder that the US blogger turned to a hair transplant clinic to resolve his dilemma.

    How Perez Hilton tackled his hair loss

    After carefully weighing up his options, and gaining expert advice from a hair transplant specialist, Perez decided that the FUE hair transplant procedure would suit his particular circumstances the best.

    An FUE hair transplant procedure works by removing healthy hair follicles, typically from the back or sides of a person’s head, where they normally grow strong, and then implanting these to the areas of the head where hair has started to thin or become bald.

    Also going by the name of follicular unit extraction, there are plenty of reasons why this dad-of-three would have opted for this form of hair transplant procedure.

    As someone in the media spotlight, with a busy diary packed with social activities and interviews, it stands to reason that Perez will have wanted a procedure that would prove to be quick and easy. Indeed, the FUE hair transplant procedure certainly ticks these boxes, as it’s a same-day treatment that doesn’t involve the use of a general anaesthetic. With no overnight stays and a quick recovery time, Perez would have been able to get on with his hectic lifestyle following this painless procedure.

    Plus, Perez would have been in good company choosing this procedure to boost his hairline, as it’s a very popular choice amongst a whole bevvy of famous celebrities.

    What would have appealed to Perez about having a FUE hair transplant is that the results don’t take long to become evident. Just weeks and months after having this treatment, Perez would’ve noticed his hair becoming thicker, with a more visually-pleasing hairline, reaching the full potential in around a year.

    Photos of Perez following his hair transplant show how happy and confident he looks, clearly over the moon with his follicular transformation.

    How to follow in the footsteps of Perez

    If you feel inspired to follow the lead of Perez and improve your hairline, talk to our experts at The Treatment Rooms to find out more about having an FUE hair transplant. Our friendly and professional team will explain all the vital details, providing a consultation to discuss your individual requirements. We’ll then devise a plan for your own treatment, getting the ball rolling for a hairline to make you proud.

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