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Exploring David Siva’s Hair Transplant

    Hailed by Manchester City supporters for his many goals and assists during an illustrious nine-year career, David Silva is less associated with glam and style than raw footballing prowess. However, this didn’t stop City fans reacting in shock when Silva emerged at the start of the 2017/18 season without his trademark mane, adopting instead a rather unfamiliar bald head. This was, of course, merely a fresh start before beginning his hair transplant journey. In the following months, David Silva made great strides towards a return to his long hair but crucially, without the receding hairline he once sported. For David Silva, hair transplant surgery was a great option. As FUE hair transplant surgeons here at The Treatment Rooms London, we’re able to blow the lid on David Silva’s hair transplant secrets, and no, you don’t have to shave your head first!

    Frontal Hairline FUE hair transplant before and after

    What hair transplant treatment has David Silva had?

    Based in South London, we at the Treatment Rooms London are highly skilled in providing an FUE hair transplant service, which has worked miracles for not only Premier League footballers but anyone pursuing a fuller head of hair. Although David Silva was known for his mop-like hair-do, he was one of many men who are concerned about their receding hairline behind the droopy fringe. An FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) hair transplant provides the answer for both men and women looking to rejuvenate their hair.

    How exactly does FUE hair transplant work?

    FUE surgery involves relocating hair follicles from areas unaffected by hair loss to balding areas. Typically, hairs are taken from the side of the head and the back of it and are most commonly sent to either the front portion of the hair or the crown. The Treatment Rooms London is a clinic specialising in this procedure which will lead to these new, implanted hairs growing over the next year, gradually growing in thickness.

    Do I have to shave my head as David Silva did?

    It is easier for women to have a hair transplant without shaving their head, as the transplant at the back of the head is easily concealed by the hair above. For men, the back and sides of the head will usually need to be shaved in order to extract the hair. It is optional whether to leave the hair on the top or go down the route David Silva did and take an entirely fresh start! Your hair transplant surgeon will be able to discuss this with you and tailor your transplant plan to what works for you.

    Our advice on FUE hair transplant surgery

    Much has remained the same with David Silva over the last two years, helping his team and winning trophies, but his revitalised, youthful head of hair has not gone unnoticed. If you want a similar fresh start, this treatment could be for you. We always advise you to consider your options carefully, you can book in with a doctor for advice and contact us if you would like any further information!

    If you are looking to have a similar hair transplant to David Silva, then feel free to contact our hair transplant surgeons today.

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