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Dr Dilan Fernando- Hair Loss Blogger For Consulting Rooms

    Dr Dilan Fernando, Lead Hair Transplant Surgeon at The Treatment Rooms in London is now the author of Consulting Rooms’ Blog on Hair Loss.

    Dr Fernando will be blogging all about hair and hair care. From hair loss, its prevention and treatment all the way through to FUE hair transplant surgery and the future of potential treatments.

    Blog 1- Hair: What is it and how does it grow?

    Hair is an organ, just like your heart and brain

    In his first blog he describes in detail the properties of healthy hair and how it grows, laying the foundation of what it means to have hair loss.

    Read the full blog on Hair: What is it and how does it grow.

    Blog 2- Hair loss: how to identify it and the initial considerations to make

    “Suffering from hair loss … with up to 50% of both men and women being affected by the age of 50, the issue is a common one”

    In his latest hair loss blog Dr Fernando shares his opinion on how to identify hair loss and what a suffer should do in the first instance.

    Read the full blog on hair loss.

    Blog 3- Diagnosing Male Hair Loss

    You might have noticed you are losing hair but what steps do you need to take to diagnose your condition? Find out more and read Dr Fernando’s blog on Consulting Rooms.

    Read this latest blog on diagnosing male hair loss.

    Blog 4- Diagnosing Female Hair Loss

    Hair loss in females can be very distressing. You may notice your hair is thinning but what diagnosis do you have? Read Dr Fernando’s latest blog on Consulting Rooms to find out more.

    Read this latest blog on diagnosing female hair loss.

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