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Hair Transplants Gone Wrong

    Hair Transplants can go wrong and we are seeing more patients turn up in our clinic to have their’s fixed. This is completely disheartening- find out more and read this blog.

    Beware of the Black Market Hair Transplant Clinic

    This is a campaign launched by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. It is highlighting the dangers of going to a hair transplant clinic for cheap procedures. There are many problems patients face when they turn up to these types of clinics. We have talked about them extensively in our recent blog- please click on it to find out more:

    A Sad Story About A Businessman In India

    Sadly, a gentleman in India has passed away after undergoing a hair transplant. We don’t know yet whether the transplant caused his death. He presented to a hospital with a swollen mouth with breathing problems so it is possible he had an allergic reaction to a medication given after his surgery. However, the details about his procedure are very worrying.

    He had an astronomical 9000 grafts taken out in one session! We cannot stress how dangerous this is.

    At The Treatment Rooms London we can safely extract 2000 grafts in one day. If you require more we will plan your surgery over multiple sessions. This makes sure:

    • Your grafts have the highest chance of survival and growing
    • Reduces the length of the procedure and your fatigue
    • Makes your recovery more comfortable

    Taking out 9000 grafts would have probably depleted his donor hair zone with a see-through effect. It is also far too many grafts to be taken out in one session of Follicular Unit Excision. Most of those grafts would likely have not been re-implanted in time for them to survive. The gentleman’s surgery was during the night and lasted 12 hours. This is a long time for the grafts to be potentially of the body. We wonder whether his surgeon could have considered operating over 2-3 sessions. Not only would this have meant a smaller “bite-sized” hair transplant but would have been safer for the patient too.

    What Should You Look For In A Hair Transplant Clinic?

    In the UK, a hair transplant clinic should fulfil the following criteria:

    • Be CQC registered
    • Have a GMC-licensed Surgeon

    To operate legally in the UK, a hair transplant clinic should meet these criteria. If you are looking to undergo the procedure please make sure you check these details. Hair transplants can go wrong if you find yourself in a clinic that is not regulated and have surgeons operating unlawfully in the UK.

    Going Abroad

    There are black market hair transplant clinics everywhere including the UK. However, there are currently a higher proportion of these clinics in countries like Turkey and India. Patients travelling to these countries for their transplant put themselves at high risk of poor outcomes and life changing complications.

    One of the most important aspects of having a hair transplant is being able to contact your surgeon straight away if anything goes wrong. Having an open line of communication is key. Don’t be coerced into going abroad or a black market hair transplant clinic. Take your time to make your decision. Try and choose a clinic you can go back to if you had any problems or questions.

    At The Treatment Rooms London we go the extra mile to keep in touch with all our patients after their FUE hair transplant procedure. We understand undergoing surgery can be daunting. Holding your hand throughout this process is what we do best.

    Have You Been Affected By A Poor Hair Transplant?

    Every week we are seeing patients come to The Treatment Rooms London asking for help. We understand the sense of guilt and frustration you might be feeling after having a poor transplant. It might be hard to initially reach out but please feel free to contact us. We will see you free of charge and explain to you the different treatment options available to you.

    To contact us please click on the link below:

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