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Dr Fernando- Board Member of BAHRS

    We are delighted to announce our very own lead hair transplant surgeon, Dr Fernando has been appointed into the Executive Committee for the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery, (BAHRS).

    What is BAHRS?

    BAHRS is a non-profit association of professionals with an interest in hair loss, hair restoration including hair transplant surgery, hair research and education. It works to put in place standards for its members when it comes to treating hair loss.

    Dr Fernando- Executive Committee for BAHRS

    His role in the committee will be Treasurer for BAHRS. This role will be an incredibly important one as he looks to expand the association. He is welcoming new members into the association as a way to further its reputation.

    He comments,

    It is a privilege to be a hair transplant surgeon and now a committee member for the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery. I fully support the organisation’s work putting professional and ethical standards in place when it comes to hair restoration surgery. I look forward to being part of BAHRS’ journey over the coming years as it heralds a new era of hair restoration for existing and new surgeons.

    Dr Fernando takes huge pride in giving patients the opportunity of restoring their hair. Having now co-founded and established South London’s first hair transplant clinic he looks forward to welcoming more patients. FUE Hair transplant surgery is one treatment alongside many other non-surgical treatments provided by The Treatment Rooms London. Dr Fernando’s aim for each patient is to create a holistic treatment plan to restore hair for the future. This can include a combination of both surgical and non-surgical options for hair loss treatment.

    Also, by being part of BAHRS he will further his professional development particularly around novel therapies for hair loss. These will include:

    • Stem cell therapy for hair loss
    • Topical medications to prevent hair loss
    • Hair cloning

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