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How Long Do Hairline Transplants Last?

    Hairline transplants have come a long way in recent years, with a variety of procedures available to help reduce hair thinning, balance out uneven growth and hide balding patches.

    Today, hairline transplants are generally considered effective with long-lasting results. But the process can be complex, and there can be a variety of factors that impact the final results.

    In this guide, we look at how long-lasting hairline transplants are, whether additional hair transplants might be needed, the different types of transplants available and what you can do if you feel yours hasn’t lasted that long.

    This gentleman underwent a hairline transplant whilst also taking Finasteride to help prevent ongoing hair loss. His hairline transplant should therefore last a long time

    Is a hairline transplant permanent?

    Hairline transplants are a permanent procedure that resolves and restores any thinning, baldness or uneven growth on the scalp.

    It might take some time to see results, and you may even experience some slight shedding of your hair during the first three months. The overall healing process can also require time to complete — anywhere between 6–12 months.

    While hairline transplants are considered permanent, it’s important to note that, while the transplanted hair follicle will last, the hair follicle is still subject to ageing. As such, your hair follicles may eventually stop producing hair regularly, particularly as you get older.

    is a hair transplant permanent?
    This gentleman underwent a hairline hair transplant which should last him a long time especially as he is taking preventative hair loss medication like Dutasteride

    Will I need another hair transplant?

    It is entirely possible that you may need additional hair transplants. This can be due to a variety of reasons.

    For instance, if your first hair transplant does not suitably resolve your hair issues, your chosen surgeon may suggest several separate sessions to achieve your desired look.

    In other cases, your natural hair may start to thin or recede, leaving an uneven appearance when viewed next to your transplanted hair. Older people or those with conditions like male pattern baldness may experience further hair loss in particular.

    In these cases, you may require a follow-up procedure. However, these typically need fewer grafts than your initial hairline transplant.

    FUE vs FUT hairline transplant

    There are two key types of hairline transplant treatments open to you: follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit excision (FUE).

    FUT is a method of hairline transplantation that involves first removing a small strip of skin (with hair follicles) from the back of your head, then dividing it into separate pieces, known as grafts. These grafts are then placed into small cuts in the required area to allow them to grow naturally.

    The FUT method will leave a linear scar at the back of the head, but this is often only visible if you have very short hair.

    FUE hairline transplants, however, involve surgically removing hair from a donor area with a small hole-punching tool and then transplanting it to the required area. This process also leaves lots of tiny scars but, as they are so small, they are sometimes unnoticeable even at shorter hair cuts.

    Although FUT and FUE hair transplants use different methods, they are both considered a permanent solution for hair loss, thinning or baldness.

    How long should I expect my hairline hair transplant to last for?

    Although hairline hair transplants can be expected to be permanent, there are some factors that may impact this.

    Your age is one such factor. If you are older, your hair may naturally fall out, regardless of whether or not you received a hair transplant. Similarly, if you already have a genetic condition that causes your hair to fall out, this can also require you to receive another hair transplant.

    It also depends on the surgeon you chose to perform your hairline hair transplant. If your surgeon is inexperienced or lacks professional qualifications or certifications, it may result in a poor-quality hair transplant. As a result, your hair transplant may not be as permanent as you’d like, and you may need another one. 

    This is why it is so important to choose a leading hair transplant clinic where diligent, precise and highly experienced hair transplant surgeons perform the procedure and work with you throughout your hair transplant journey to ensure excellent results. 

    Bad hair transplant results

    Although hair transplants generally have a success rate of 90-95%, in some cases, you may not be happy with how long yours lasts. If this happens to you, don’t worry — it’s more common than you think, and there are things you can do to help resolve this.

    An additional procedure is a common solution to a bad hair transplant. This helps improve the density of the follicles in the transplanted area and can add extra coverage for especially large bald patches.

    Before you are able to receive an additional hair transplant, your chosen surgeon will first need to ensure you are eligible.

    Other patients who are not happy with their hair transplant results can opt for platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. This involves withdrawing a small amount of your blood and then processing it into a platelet-rich concentrate. This concentrate is then injected into the transplanted area to increase the density of the hairs.

    If you’re unhappy with how long your hair transplant has lasted, these are just a few of the options open to you. But whatever your choice, if your chosen surgeon is qualified, skilled and experienced in hair transplants, they should be happy to discuss it with you.

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    Hairline transplants are a permanent solution to hair thinning, baldness or uneven growth. Although there are different methods involved, they are generally considered permanent and long-lasting.

    However, if you aren’t happy with how long your own hair transplant lasts, there are options open to you to resolve them, and a good surgeon should be happy to resolve your issues with you.

    If you are considering a hairline transplant and would like to find out more, book a consultation with The Treatment Rooms London today to discuss treatment options with our qualified, respected practitioners.


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