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How Much Does An Eyebrow Transplant Cost?

    Eyebrow transplants are fast becoming a common choice for people unhappy with the thickness, texture or appearance of their eyebrows. Just as hair transplants can help reduce unevenness, hide bald spots or resolve thinning hair on the scalp, eyebrow transplants can solve similar cosmetic issues with eyebrows that are thin or overplucked.

    Many people are put off by the perceived price of an eyebrow transplant. But in reality, they can be affordable and, when considering the benefits of such a transplant, well worth the initial price.

    In this guide, we look at what exactly an eyebrow transplant is, how to find a trusted surgeon, how much an eyebrow transplant costs and more. Read on to get started.

    What is an eyebrow transplant?

    An eyebrow transplant is a long-lasting cosmetic procedure that helps resolve thinning, unevenness or lost hair in eyebrows. It usually involves transplanting hair from elsewhere on the scalp and then relocating it to the eyebrow area. 

    An eyebrow transplant procedure works similarly to a FUE hair transplant, relocating individual hair follicles from a donor area, which are extracted using small incisions. The extracted hair follicles are then reinserted using specialist sub-millimetre techniques and over time, new hairs grow from the grafts — resulting in new, thicker eyebrows.

    Eyebrow transplants are generally considered a safe and effective treatment, and recovery time is usually quite quick.

    It is a minimally-invasive procedure that will be completed in one day — performed in an operating room at your hair transplant clinic. You will be able to return home the same day.

    How to find a good eyebrow transplant surgeon

    If you think an eyebrow transplant is right for you, it’s important to choose a good surgeon to perform the procedure. An experienced, skilled and, crucially, certified surgeon helps ensure your eyebrow transplant is completed safely and effectively.

    When choosing an eyebrow transplant surgeon, it’s important not to be put off by the price. While a cheaper clinic or surgeon might be tempting, a lower price often means your procedure will be performed by a surgeon with less experience. This can increase the risk of complications from your eyebrow transplant.

    When considering an eyebrow transplant surgeon, it’s essential that you first ensure they have qualifications with and certifications from the following industry organisations:

    Check your chosen eyebrow transplant surgeon’s website to ensure they are registered with these organisations. Evidence of this confirms that your chosen provider is certified, and can perform your eyebrow transplant safely and effectively.

    It’s also worth considering the geographical location of your chosen eyebrow transplant clinic. A surgeon based in the UK is legally required to adhere to a strict set of industry rules and guidelines, while one based abroad is not. As such, a UK-based eyebrow surgeon will be able to offer a safer, more effective procedure.

    You should also look for independent patient reviews of your chosen eyebrow surgeon. These reviews can help you better understand the services your chosen clinic provides, with trusted accounts from real patients about how successful their own eyebrow transplants were.

    What is the cost of an eyebrow transplant?

    Eyebrow transplants can cost between £3,000 to £5,000. This is based on a cost of around £1,500 to £2,500 for each eyebrow.

    The final price can vary depending on how much of your eyebrow needs to be reconstructed, as well as the quality, reputation and location of your chosen clinic.

    how much does an eyebrow hair transplant cost
    Eyebrow transplant to the lateral right eyebrow

    Will I need to get an additional eyebrow transplant?

    Eyebrow transplants are a safe and permanent solution to eyebrow hair loss and thinning. However, depending on a variety of factors, it may be the case that you need more than one eyebrow transplant.

    While most transplants are completed in one session, often involving multiple grafts of hair moved from your scalp to your eyebrows, this can change. If the amount of work needed on your eyebrows is substantial, you may need extra grafts. This, in turn, can take additional sessions to help completely resolve your eyebrow hair thinning or hair loss.

    In some rare instances, you may not be happy with the results of your eyebrow transplant. This may also require you to receive another additional transplant and should be discussed with your chosen surgeon.

    Book an eyebrow transplant with The Treatment Rooms London

    Eyebrow transplants are a safe, effective and long-lasting solution to thinning, unevenness or lost hair in the eyebrows. However, it’s important that you find a trusted and industry-certified surgeon who can perform your eyebrow transplant with skill and safety.

    At The Treatment Rooms London, our highly experienced, specialised surgeons provide a completely personalised care package, including consultations and aftercare.

    Think an eyebrow transplant might be for you? Book a consultation with The Treatment Rooms London today to find out more.


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