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Does Transplanted Hair Grow And How Long Does it Take?

    When to Expect Hair Growth

    As an FUE hair transplant is a procedure designed to help combat hair loss and thinning, understandably, most people are concerned about when regrowth will start and what the results will look like. Knowing when your new hair follicles will start to grow and achieve the desired result is the most exciting part of the journey, but it can be a bit nerve-wracking as the hair regrowth process after a transplant is a little different to what you might expect.

    With a follicular unit excision (FUE) hair transplant, the hair follicles are removed from the donor site of the patient’s scalp and carefully placed into the areas affected by thinning. The follicles then take 14 days to really bed into the scalp, ensuring that the hair growth will take place where they have been transplanted to.

    Hair Transplant Aftercare

    Following proper hair transplant aftercare procedures will help ensure your hair growth happens as quickly as possible after your surgery. That means washing the area carefully with the right kind of shampoo and avoiding rough scrubbing or harsh shampoos. Once implanted, the follicles enter a ‘dormant’ phase. This means that they are really implanting firmly into the scalp and are focused on securing themselves before they start to put out new hair growth. The dormant phase can be concerning for some people, but rest assured it’s part of the process; always speak to your surgical team if you’re worried. This is the stage where taking care of your newly implanted hairs is really essential to ensuring your final hair transplant looks is as good as desired.

    Hair Growth After a Hair Transplant

    Once the follicles are firmly set into the scalp and all healing has taken place, you’ll start to see the hair growth coming through in the area. If your hair is naturally very fine or light, you may find it takes a little longer to see the results. This may be anywhere from 12-16 weeks after the procedure, so patience is required to start seeing results, but waiting just 3-4 months to start seeing the new hair growth coming through and covering previous problem areas is only a small time to wait for overcoming potentially years of hair loss. Over the course of 8-12 months you will start to notice the full hair growth result.

    So if you find yourself worrying ‘Will my hair grow after a hair transplant?’ remember that results take time and the final outcome is well worth the wait. To help enhance your hair transplant, you can speak with your surgical team about ways to help improve your final results, such as through medications or prescribed shampoo.

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