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Harry Kane Hair Loss & Hair Transplant

    Harry Kane has suffered from a common condition of hair loss called male pattern baldness. This has resulted in recession to his temples and hairline, leaving him with an "M- shaped" hairline. He doesn't appear to have undergone a hair transplant to restore his hairline and temples.


    harry kane hair loss

    Photo Credit: Peter Schatz / Alamy Live News

    Harry Kane England Captain and Footballer

    Harry Kane is one of England's most prolific footballers and captain of the England football team as the team heads into the 2024 Euros. As many supporters will know, Harry Kane has a visible receding hairline and has suffered from a degree of hair loss. The male supporters will see similarities in their own hairline and Harry Kane's hair loss and wonder if anything can be done? This article will explore Harry Kane's hair loss and what men in similar situations can do to treat the condition.

    Harry Kane's Hair Loss

    Harry Kane has suffered from a receding hairline and temples, leaving a visible island of hair at the front. This is typical of a condition called male pattern baldness and 50% of men between 30 and 50 years old suffer from the condition (1).

    The condition is caused by a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and causes thinning in the hairline, temples and crown. Men, like Harry Kane, see their hairline going back in the temples and hairline as well as balding and thinning in the crown. The level of hair loss can be measured using a scale, called the Norwood scale. Harry Kane's hair loss is categorised as a Norwood Level 2. This is characteristically seen as temple recession with the temples starting to meet in the middle behind an island of hair.

    Norwood Scale, Male Hair Loss
    Norwood scale for male pattern baldness

    Harry Kane Hair Transplant

    Looking at the pictures of Harry Kane's hair, it doesn't seem like he has undergone any hair transplant procedure. His temples have receded and haven't been brought forward or filled in. There is no need for Harry Kane to worry about his hairline if it doesn't bother him. Like many men who suffer from hair loss who don't undergo a hair transplant, there is no need to have surgery for something that doesn't bother you.

    harry kane hair transplant

    If Harry Kane does want to have a hair transplant, he can look into having an FUE hair transplant for his temples and hairline. This involves relocating hair from the back and sides of the head to an area of recession like the hairline and temples. The hair that is relocated is resistant to the balding process and when transplanted, grows for a long time with results lasting 10-20 years. This process is shown in our 3D video below.

    If Harry Kane did opt for a hair transplant, he could restore hair where he has lost it with minimal visible scarring and a quicker return to playing football with the FUE hair transplant technique. He may also opt to have an unshaven hair transplant so he can hide the fact that he has undergone the procedure.

    Below you will see a picture of a similar hair transplant to what Harry Kane could undergo for his level of hair loss. You can see more examples of such results on the following pages:

    harry kane hair transplant similar hairline and temples
    Hair Transplant for the hairline and temples, this gentleman had a similar hairline to Harry Kane and underwent surgery to restore his receding hairline

    Harry Kane Hair Transplant Cost

    If Harry Kane or patients similar to his level of hair loss did undergo surgery to his temples or hairline how much would it cost? Generally the cost for a receding hairline hair transplant ranges between £4,000 to £10,000. It is dependent on how many grafts or hair you need transplanting to your hairline and temples. This correlates with how much hair loss you have suffered.

    harry kane hair transplant cost

    To get an idea of how large your surgery will be you can use our interactive hair transplant calculator. This calculator takes into account your level of hairline and temple hair loss, hair colour and hair curl when calculating how much hair you will need transplanting into your temples and hairline.

    An example of a receding temple transplanted with 1700 grafts. This would generally cost between £5,500- £6,800

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