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Will The Next James Bond Have A Beard?

    More and more gentleman are growing their facial hair. Since 2011 there has been a huge upsurge in the number of gents sporting a beard. The fashion is a sign of changing times, and with previous James Bonds having been clean-shaven, can we expect the next Bond to have a Beard? With Ladbrokes now taking bets on whether the next James Bond has a beard clearly the idea is becoming popular (1).

    A YouGov poll showed the number of people growing a beard has risen by 44% in the last 7 years, (2,3). Most gents are going for a beard and moustache or stubbled look. With the rise in popularity of Movember, we at The Treatment Rooms in London are enjoying seeing more people grow out their facial hair and often for a good cause (4)!

    Dr Fernando, Lead Hair Transplant Surgeon at The Treatment Rooms explained,

    “There is certainly an increase in the number of gentleman, particularly in their 20s-30s who are enquiring about beard transplants. This goes hand in hand with the fashion of growing out stubble in the last 5 years”.

    A James Bond Beard

    Normally James Bond is associated with setting trends for suits, cars, watches, gadgets and other lifestyle choices, (5,6,7). If the next James Bond sports a beard or moustache will this then set off another craze? Interestingly, because of the stirring interest, Ladbrokes has recently set higher odds of a James Bond Beard.

    The prospect of a bearded James Bond is interesting. At The Treatment Rooms in London we speculated the look that he might go for!

    For those men who want to grow and style a beard to attract the opposite sex, a YouGov poll also showed that 3X more females were finding facial hair more attractive (from 7% to 21%) since 2011.

    Can you get a beard transplant?

    If you don’t have facial hair by the time you are in your mid-20s, there is a low likelihood of you being able to grow a full set of facial hair. There a few treatment options you could choose to have however the best would be a beard hair transplant.

    Remember, if you are thinking about having a beard hair transplant, consider your decision carefully and make sure you ask all the necessary questions of your hair transplant surgeon. If you wanted to know more about what questions you should ask, click here to read our blog on 5 considerations you should make before you have a hair transplant (or create a James Bond Beard!)









    If you are suffering from Male Pattern Baldness or wanted to know more about hair loss treatment, please contact our Surgeons and Hair Loss Specialists by clicking here.

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