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Will Ariana Grande Suffer From Female Hair Loss?

    Recently, Ariana Grande spoke about her fear of her hair falling out from the weight of using hair extensions. In her Youtube Docuseries, Dangerous Woman Diaries, she spoke about the weight of hair extensions pulling on her head.  Could this potentially result in hair loss for Ariana?

    ‘I have this vision of me on stage and one day I’ll just turn, and from the root it will just give up.’

    Should Ariana be worried about female hair loss?

    The weight of Ariana’s hair extensions can cause stress on the hairs at the front of her head by pulling at her hair roots. In medicine this is called “traction alopecia” and we often see it in patients who tie their hair up tightly e.g. ballerinas.

    In the long term, if Ariana continues to put on hair extensions and adds weight to her hair, the repetitive pull will damage her hair roots. This can result in hair loss.

    How to protect against female hair loss

    For now she should take a break from wearing hair extensions and allow her hair roots to rest. If she constantly pulls her hair, the hair root will be become weaker and will eventually be permanently damaged. Stopping hair extensions might be difficult as she loves wearing them and they are popular! Our suggestion is she reduces the number of times she wears hair extensions in a week. She can choose to wear them only on certain occasions like a concert.

    To prevent her hair falling out, Ariana can also choose to use less styling products on her hair. Using natural organic products that help to keep the hair hydrated is important. Avoiding hair spray, hair straighteners and dry shampoo is important as these can dry out the hair and contribute to poor hair health. The dryer Ariana Grande’s hair becomes, the more prone it becomes to being damaged and falling out.

    What are the treatment options for female hair loss?

    If Ariana Grande continues to use hair extensions and suffers hair loss (traction alopecia), she can choose to see her a hair loss specialist. If they diagnose her with traction alopecia then a treatment option could be a hair transplant. This would aim to replace the hair where she has lost it (normally at the front). Over time the transplanted hair will grow and her hairline will be restored. However, in the future we would advise that Ariana Grande should decide not to wear hair extensions. This would prevent any more hair loss.

    Female hair loss at The Treatment Rooms London

    If you are a female suffering from hair loss feel free to contact our Doctors and Surgeons at The Treatment Rooms London for a consultation. Hair loss for anyone can be very worrying, especially if you are a female and love to style your hair! Rest assured we will do all we can to find out what is causing your hair loss when you visit us. Simply get in touch today by filling out our contact form.


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