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Analysing Cesc Fabregas’ Hair Transplant

    As one of the most popular and talented footballers gracing the sport, Cesc Fabregas has often found himself at the centre of attention. Since his incredible debut back in 2003 and his ventures with Arsenal, Barcelona and Chelsea, Fabregas became one of the most popular footballers, known for his excellent tactical and creative capabilities on the pitch, qualities which made him stand out as one of the best.

    Starting at just 16, Fabregas has been pushing his body to the limits of athleticism for most of his life now, playing at a high professional level for over 15 years with no sign of slowing down. Although most elite footballers are familiar with injury affecting their bodies and performance, not many consider the other effects that such intensive training and performing can take on the body. Such physical demands can often cause side effects of stress, with hair loss in men being a common one.

    right frontal hairline hair transplant
    FUE hair transplant surgery to the hairline and temple for a receding hairline

    2014 Season

    Around the beginning of the 2014 season, Fabregas was seen with an unusual buzz cut hairstyle – a far departure from his thick dark locks, a trademark of the Spaniard. It’s clear in these images that Fabregas was suffering from some receding hair at the front of his head and towards his temples. Yet by the end of the 2014 season, he was sporting a much fuller, thicker hairline, with fans even spotting that in some early post-match interviews, a faint line can be seen on his forehead, indicating a hair transplant procedure might have taken place.

    Choosing a hair transplant

    As a man prominent in the media, on the pitch, and within the sport, Fabregas appears to have taken preventative steps towards his hair loss, undergoing a procedure at the early stages to prevent the effects from becoming too noticeable. With his intense training regime and the need for a quick recovery, it seems highly likely that Fabregas would have chosen the most modern form of hair transplant procedure, known as a follicular unit excision (FUE) hair transplant.

    FUE hair transplants offer the quickest recovery time, both in terms of the surgical procedure, which is just one-day thanks to local anaesthetic, through to seeing the full finished results, which can start to be visible by the four-month mark. The procedure works by removing individual hair follicles from sections of the head unaffected by hair loss, and implanting them into the thinning areas.

    The treatment follows the natural hairline of the patient, and by using their own hair, FUE transplants have a high success rate. The results seamlessly blend in once fully healed, making FUE hair transplant procedures the best choice for anyone considering this treatment.

    To find out more or to see if you could benefit like Fabregas has, get in touch with a member of our expert clinical team today. They will be able to advise you more about a receding hairline and how surgery can help. You can read more about receding hairline hair transplant surgery here: An in depth guide about having receding hairline and its treatment.

    Receding hairline hair transplant result
    Before and after receding hairline hair transplantation

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