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Analysing Rob Brydon’s Hair Transplant

    Best known for his role in Gavin and Stacey and as the host of BBC’s Would I Lie To You, Rob Brydon is a familiar face on our TV screens, the Welsh comedian has been popping up everywhere from adverts to film for over 20 years. Although most people know him as an actor and presenter, he has had an impressive writing career as well, as well as being an impressionist, radio host and singer. Such an extensive and busy career, including international travel and lengthy stints on film and television sets, isn’t easy for anyone to keep up for a long time, and it inevitably takes a toll physically.

    Has Rob Brydon had a Hair Transplant?

    Rob Brydon has had a long and hectic career, and combining this with his age, it’s unsurprising that he’s been seen with hair loss and thinning particularly around the front of his hairline. Although he hasn’t confirmed that he’s undergone any kind of hair transplant procedure, he has joked that “For some time now my head has been feeling a lot warmer but I was unable to put my finger on the reason why.” Photos also seem to show that his hairline has been looking much more thick and full in recent years, compared to previous images that show a rather wispy looking hairline at the front.

    Despite not confirming any kind of procedure, with the images and his own quip, it’s safe to assume that Brydon has undergone a hair transplant. To achieve such high-quality results that blend in with his own hair, he may have chosen an FUE transplant, known as a follicular unit excision. FUE transplants use the patient’s own hair, ensuring a complete match, and the individual hairs are removed and implanted into the areas affected, providing completely even coverage. Hairs are taken from areas less likely to be affected by hair loss, usually from around the base of the skull or around the ears, as these areas are unlikely to suffer from hair loss due to the type of hair follicle that is found there.

    How Quickly Can you Expect Results from a Hair Transplant?

    Completed under local anaesthetic with a quick recovery time, patients can start to see results in 3-4 months, with full coverage and results in 12 months. With a 98% success rate for patients and great results in appearance, it’s no wonder FUE transplants are the most popular choice of hair transplant for men.

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