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A Time And Leisure Article On Life Changing Hair Transplant Results

    As South London’s first FUE Hair Transplant clinic, Time and Leisure Magazine were interested in featuring The Treatment Rooms and their FUE hair transplant results.

    Time and Leisure wanted to explore a case performed by The Treatment Rooms whereby the FUE hair transplant result has given a patient new found confidence. The Treatment Rooms told Time and Leisure a story about a patient who underwent a hair transplant and 4 months later was skydiving- testing his implanted hairs to the max!

    Read the Time and Leisure article here on Pages 32 & 33 / 104:

    2018 has been a busy year- the clinic has been fully booked providing patients with life changing hair transplants and currently there is a 6 week waiting period for availability! The Treatment Rooms is doing its all to increase its capacity to carry out more procedures per week so feel free to pop in and see our Surgeons.

    Lead Hair Transplant Surgeon at The Treatment Rooms in London, Dr Fernando explains,

    “I’m very proud of our hair transplants so far in 2018 and my team who continue to be incredible. Hair loss is so personal to each of my patients and no clinical history is the same. I’m excited to see new patients in the years to come and the results of the transplants we have performed over the last year with some amazing results expected.’ 

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