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Hairline FUE Hair Transplant Results

    Another hair transplant success story! Here at The Treatment Rooms London we wanted to share another before and after hair transplant photo. This gentleman was young and was suffering from the effects of male pattern baldness. Early recession of his frontal and temporal hairline meant he looked older than he was.

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    The patient

    This gentleman was in his early 20s. Being conscious of his hair loss so far he wanted to be proactive in addressing his recession. His areas of concern were his receding frontal and temporal hairline. Being at an early stage of male pattern hair loss he was keen to start Finasteride but he wanted to rejuvenate his hairline, bringing it forward to match his facial shape.

    In order to restore his hair to a hairline he wanted, the surgeons in our clinic agreed that he would benefit from a hair transplant.

    For this patient, the crucial stage in his treatment was managing and planning his hair loss in the future. There was no use in undergoing a hair transplant if he was going to recede further, behind his transplanted hair. Choosing to start finasteride was an important step in allowing a hair transplant to take place- especially in his 20s.

    Our surgeons had to plan his transplant carefully around the following points:

    • How he wanted to style his hair in the future
    • How thick his hairs were
    • His desired hairline
    • How much he had receded so far and his expected hair loss process as he continues to age

    As you can see, we suggested a mature hairline for this gentleman. The aim of the surgery was to:

    • Give him a natural hairline that is brought forward
    • Fill out his temple region

    The surgery

    Extraction of 1100 grafts for implantation into the frontal hairline and temple region. This was carried out using the FUE (follicular unit excision) method in one session.

    Before and after hair transplantation

    This patient’s result is 10 months post surgery. We can expect further growth and thickness over the next 7 months.

    Following his hair transplant, the grafts have rooted in nicely. They have grown in 10 months with some new grafts sprouting hairs at the time this photo was taken. His hairline is natural with no “pluggy” look. His temporal hairline has also been filled in and thickened.

    Interested in having a hair transplant?

    Our surgeons would welcome a visit by you into our clinic. Choosing to have a hair transplant is a big decision and we take our time to answer your questions surrounding this treatment.

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