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Hair Transplant Clinic For A Global Family Office

    The Treatment Rooms London recently partnered with the Global Family Office Community for their London conference. The clinic was asked to sponsor the event, highlighting the importance of seeking appropriate hair loss treatment for those losing their hair. In this blog we will answer why The Treatment Rooms is the trusted hair transplant clinic for the Global Family Office Community?

    What is The Treatment Rooms London?

    The Treatment Rooms London is a hair transplant clinic based across two locations in Harley Street and London. It provides hair loss treatments for both men and women. These hair loss treatments include:

    A Global Family Office Hair Transplant Clinic

    Based across two locations, the clinic is conveniently located for Global Family Office members travelling across London and beyond. The clinic is already frequented by a number of members from the Global Family Office community. The surgeons and nurses are familiar with the notion of discretion when it comes to members or family office representatives looking for treatment. The Treatment Rooms London is built to ensure privacy when it comes to your initial consultation through to treatment. Alongside privacy, the clinic ensures the following when it comes to hair transplant surgery:

    • Two dedicated hair transplant surgeons operating at all times
    • Bespoke entertainment and food on the day
    • Tailored aftercare packages to ensure maximal comfort
    • Regular follow up by our hair transplant surgeons to ease any worries you have after your surgery

    If you are a businessman or businesswoman from the Global Family Office Community- do you need a hair transplant?

    At the Global Family Office Conference we talked about how important hair loss can be if you are a businessman or woman. Hair loss can affect up to 50% of both men and women by the age of 50. It is well known hair loss can affect your confidence and potentially the ability to perform in high pressure situations.

    Being part of a Family Office can mean you are placed in scenarios where substantial investments are being discussed and appearing professional can really matter to you. Interestingly, in a recent survey 1600/2000 men admitted that their hair reflected how professional they looked. So in addition to a sharp suit and a pair of smart shoes, a full set of hair can make a real difference.

    We have to stress- if you are losing hair and you don’t care then there is nothing to worry about! Looking for help when you are worried about hair loss is an important first step and at The Treatment Rooms London we welcome an initial appointment.

    In your first appointment you can expect the following:

    • A detailed assessment of your hair loss to date
    • A microscopic assessment of your scalp and hair
    • An open, no obligation, discussion around the treatments available to you

    With regards to hair loss treatment, you might be a candidate for a number of different therapies. Many members of the Global Family Office Community are interested in a hair transplant but sometimes this isn’t the best course of action. In our clinic we will counsel you properly around hair loss prevention and restoration, including having a hair transplant.

    What is a hair transplant?

    A hair transplant involves moving hair from the back of your head to areas where you are balding. These areas are often your crown or the front of your head. The hairs that are moved are not affected by the balding processes that have led to you losing your hair. This means that the hairs that are transplanted remain in place and are not lost over time.

    As you can see in the two pictures below, having a front hair or a crown hair transplant can make a huge difference.

    FUE Hair Transplant Before and After

    Hair transplant for temporal hair loss. Hair growth following 7 months

    Hair transplant crown male pattern baldness

    6 months of early growth following a crown hair transplant

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    If you are interested in knowing more or discussing your treatment options with our hair transplant surgeons please contact us. You can use the link below and fill out an enquiry form. One of our team members will contact you shortly.

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