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Does Warm Or Cold Weather Affect Hair Transplants? 

    Deciding to have a hair transplant presents you with some important considerations. Which hair transplant technique do you prefer? And when should you schedule your hair transplant? One thing you may not have considered is the weather or temperature.

    Our patients often ask us when the best time of year is to get a hair transplant. In this article, we will explore this topic, and provide a detailed answer to this frequently asked question.

    With respect to weather, there is no ideal time in the year to have a hair transplant. Patients tend to schedule surgery according to their work and social commitments. This often means patients have surgery before and around the Christmas period as this is a natural break in their calendar

    Dr Vara, Hair Transplant Surgeon and Director at The Treatment Rooms London

    Does hot weather make your hair fall out?

    We do lose a little more hair in the summer, but this may not be anything to be alarmed by. People naturally lose about 6% more hair in summer, according to a study on the seasonality of hair loss. But remember that this is still a part of the natural hair growth cycle, rather than being significant short-term hair loss.

    Why do we lose more hair in the summer? It could be due to sun exposure or being more dehydrated because of the climate. By protecting your hair and keeping your scalp cool, and drinking lots of fluids, the effect of summer on your hair can be minimised. 

    hot weather hair transplant
    This gentleman underwent his surgery in August during hot weather. His result is shown here, 12 months post FUE hair transplant surgery

    Does cold weather cause hair loss?

    Although there are some ways that cold weather can damage your hair, research suggests that we lose less hair in the winter months compared to the summer. 

    Your central heating may be one culprit for hair damage during the winter. This is because having the heating up high could contribute to a dry scalp, and in turn hair that is brittle and susceptible to breaking. All the more reason to use the right hair products during this season, with hair oils that nourish and strengthen the hair. Hats may also contribute to hair loss. Pulling tight-fitting headwear on and off in the winter could damage fragile hair.

    Is cold weather bad for a hair transplant?

    We know that warm or cold weather could affect your hair if you don’t take the right protective measures – but what about hair transplants? 

    We should emphasise that cold weather will not negatively impact the healing process after a hair transplant. Still, after having a hair transplant it is important to protect the transplant area from the elements, ensuring that the newly implanted grafts aren’t damaged by strong winds. When selecting headwear to protect your scalp during the winter, avoid any type of hat that may rub against implanted grafts such as a woolly hat. You may prefer to ditch the headwear entirely and opt for a loose-fitting hoodie when out and about during the winter. 

    For those planning to take a holiday or time off work during their hair transplant recovery process, winter can be seen as a tempting option. That’s because you won’t have the temptation of going outside and can ‘hibernate’ for the first few days of recovery. You may also be able to coincide your hair transplant recovery with the natural break during Christmas.

    cold weather hair transplant
    This gentleman underwent surgery in February, a cold winter month. His result is 1 year post surgery. He previously underwent surgery in another clinic with poor results and had it repaired in our clinic

    Is hot weather bad for a hair transplant?

    The summer months present their own considerations when having a hair transplant. Sweat is a factor because we will naturally perspire more in the heat. You’ll need to think about whether the sweat could impact your hair transplant results. If you are unable to take a break from your daily activities during the post-operative recovery period, the summer could make things tricky, because sweat can make it a struggle to keep your scalp clean. But if you have time to rest for a few days after your hair transplant, the summer shouldn’t be a problem.

    As we’ve covered earlier in this article, sun exposure can damage hair, so if you have a hair transplant in the summer, ensure that you do your best to avoid direct sunlight for 2weeks following the procedure. Direct exposure to the sun could disrupt the healing process. Our Surgeons will be able to show you how to wear a cap so you can protect yourself from the sun when recovering from a hair transplant.

    Best weather for hair transplant

    This blog has covered the various weather-related factors that should be taken into consideration when planning a hair transplant. But the key takeaway is that there is no such thing as a ‘best time’ to get a hair transplant.

    Proper aftercare – following the instructions given to you by your surgeon – will provide the best results, no matter which time of year you opt for surgery. Here are some aftercare and recovery tips you should follow:

    • Limit direct sun exposure during the healing period
    • Wear a loose-fitting hat to protect your scalp from UV rays, or strong winds If you are on holiday, avoid swimming in the pool or sea until 4 weeks have passed following your surgery
    • Try to avoid sweating excessively in the first 2 weeks post procedure
    best weather for hair transplant
    This gentleman underwent surgery in Spring. His result is shown here 1 year post surgery. There is no best weather to undergo surgery and gentleman often choose to undergo surgery at a time that best suits them in their social and work calendar

    The Treatment Rooms London provides hair transplants all year round. Christmas tends to be the busiest period for our clinic as patients take advantage of the natural holiday break. So, if you are looking to schedule surgery for then please contact us today to get your preferred date booked in. To book a consultation – call 020 8706 0076 or contact the team via our website.


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