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Why Avoiding Sun Exposure After A Hair Transplant Is Essential

    An FUE hair transplant is capable of rejuvenating your appearance if you suffer from hair loss. This is a treatment which recreates hair in areas where it has been lost. In the 8 to 12 months following the procedure, your hair will become thicker, but there are important steps which you need to be aware of after undergoing an FUE hair transplant.

    One of the most important precautions to take after an FUE hair transplant is avoiding direct sunlight. Many people can choose to have an FUE hair transplant during the summer months when they have more months for recovery, making sun exposure avoidance all the more pertinent.

    In this blog, we explain why avoiding sun exposure is important, and offer some advice on how you can protect hair transplanted skin after the FUE treatment.

    Why do I need to avoid sun exposure important after an FUE hair transplant?

    The skin goes through a degree of surgical trauma during a FUE hair transplant. In this condition, direct exposure to sunlight can be especially dangerous, and damage the areas where grafts have been implanted.

    It is important to note that transplanted skin is typically not capable of protecting itself from direct sun exposure in the weeks following a hair transplant. This is because the chromatophores which usually serve to protect the skin when it is exposed to a lot of sunlight, die or become inactive in the process of transplantation. It will take time for them to regenerate and recover.

    Too much direct sun exposure not only damages the surface of the treated skin, it can also affect the deeper tissues and cause serious harm.

    How long should I avoid sun exposure after a FUE hair transplant?

    The Treatment Rooms London advise that you should protect your scalp from direct sunlight exposure for at least 2 weeks following the FUE hair transplant procedure. After this period, if your scalp is exposed to the sun you must be careful to apply the correct sunscreen.

    There are several ways in which you can protect your scalp from direct sun exposure after a FUE hair transplant. You can read about them in the following section.

    How to avoid sun exposure after a FUE hair transplant

    The most effective way of protecting the transplant area from direct sunlight following FUE treatment is by wearing a hat. The hat should provide complete coverage of the transplant area. Remember that simply wearing sunscreen is not a sufficient replacement for a hat – you should actually avoid sunscreen altogether until the incisions from your procedure have healed. Ensure that the hat is not tightly fitting or too loose.

    Avoiding direct sun exposure doesn’t mean you need to stay inside on sunny days. Just ensure that your scalp is adequately protected when you do go outdoors.

    Even 1-3 months after the procedure, you may choose to continue wearing head protection, as there may still be a degree of scalp hypersensitivity. In general, if you are feeling significant discomfort after three months following the procedure, you should see your Surgeon for advice.

    Remember that avoiding sun exposure after an FUE hair transplant is about minimising the risk of any complications while giving yourself the best chance of successful results. Don’t underestimate the potential dangers of UV radiation on transplanted skin. Take the proper measures and keep yourself safe.

    Your FUE hair transplant at The Treatment Rooms London

    The Treatment Rooms London are committed to making you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entire FUE hair transplant process. Our hair transplant aftercare service ensures that you have all the right advice during the recovery period. Are you interested in a FUE hair transplant?

    Why not take a look at our hair graft calculator to understand how many grafts you might need or, take a look at our dedicated hair transplant cost page to get an idea as to the cost associated with a hair transplant.

    Get in touch today and speak with one of our surgeons to find out what The Treatment Rooms London can do for you.

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